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21.3.1948 Taxi Aviv cv sent from TLV to Jerusalem, on front 5m Koffer Hayishuv label tied by Taxi Aviv cachet, cv w/contents revealing the reason for the use of Taxi mail: "I tried already twice to send letter by post but it seems there is no delivery..."; folded, fine

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Start: $120 Sold For: $120
Lot #: 2

Taxi Mail: 16.4.48 Magen David Adom stationery envelope sent from TLV to Rehovot by bus company "Drom Yehuda", on back dispatch slip indicating payment of 130m & 2 Drom Yehuda routing labels; roughly opened at left, fine

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Start: $150 Sold For: $150
Lot #: 3

20 AP 48 Haifa Late outgoing surface mail to Austria cv franked 20m Mandate stps (correct rate: 2x2 + 6 & 10m) all ovptd "Government Tohuvabohu" pmkd HAIFA, censored upon arr in Austria, 2 censor cachets on face + sealing paper strip; vf, unusual to have all the stps ovptd

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Start: $200 Sold For: $200
Lot #: 4

THE M. HA'AM PERIOD: MIGDAL reg. #3572 locality's name in Hebrew manuscript properly frank 25m Weizmann stps (Ba #11 & 2x #12) tied by M. Ha'am pmks in Black repeated on back, mailed to Haifa, transit pmk M. Ha'am TIBERIAS dater 13 MAY 1948 alongside, arr. Mandate type d.c. MOUNT CARMEL 14 MY 48; cv w/corner bends from previous album o/w vf & Rare, Ba rated R as only 4 cvs Recorded, signed Tsachor, certtif Tsachor - Aloni

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Start: $1,000 Sold For: $1,500
Lot #: 5

Nahalal "Emergency Post" - Commerc cv from Kfar Ha'horesh to Kfar Yehoshua franked 10m Mandate stp (#97) TIED to the cv by "Emergency Post Nahalal" ovpt & by Nahalal M. Ha'am Violet pmk; vert centerfold & light toning, f - vf Exhibition item as the only recorded commerc cv w/this combination of Ovpt & Pmk, signed Tsachor

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Start: $900 Buy
Lot #: 6

Nahalal "Emergency Post" - 1 of 2 Recorded REGISTERED M. Ha'am cvs sent locally in Nahalal franked 25m (correct rate) Mandate stps ovptd "Emergency Post Nahalal" tied by M. Ha'am Nahalal Violet pmks repeated twice on back, alongside registry label "No. 1002"; vf, of philatelic origin but Very Rare, signed Tsachor, illust. in NRNS p. 250

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Start: $750 Buy
Lot #: 7

Courier cv to Nahalal franked 2x5m 3rd Jerus local issue stps posted by the courier in TLV 28.6.1948 Israeli pmk tying stps, the Jerus locals were tolerated by the TLV Post but not in Nahalal marked "To Pay 020 Mils" & taxed 2x10m 1st Israel P. Dues (2xJ3) tied by NAHALAL 30 JU 48 reintroduced Mandate pmk; vert centerfold typical to courier cvs o/w vf, Rare combination, signed Muentz & Tsachor, certif Muentz

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Start: $1,000 Sold For: $1,900
Lot #: 8

BESIEGED SETTLEMENTS: Besieged Ben Shemen: 22.6.48 Flown cv from a soldier marked O.A.S. return address: "Ben Shemen base", Ben Shemen was under siege as of April 48 and was serviced by a small air strip. The siege was lifted on July 10. Cv addressed to TLV family FLOWN & processed by APO #3 (TLV Military Unit) 22 VI 48 pmk on front & censored - bottom right; fine & Rare, see NRNS p. 219, signed Tsachor

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Start: $800 Sold For: $825
Lot #: 9

Besieged Kibbutz Ze'elim in the Negev - Flown Courier cv to TLV return address: "Ze'elim P.O.Box 2040 Tel-Aviv", all Negev settlements maintained POBs in TLV, arrived & posted at APO #3 Dateless pmk on front this in use 22 - 27 MAY 1948; vert centerfold, f - vf & scarce

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Lot #: 10

Besieged Beit Eshel - courier cv Flown from Beit Eshel in the Negev to TLV, posted there at APO#3 9 VII 48 addr to Haifa, Return address: "Beit Eshel in the Negev", on front a very light strike of a Unit triangular cachet, as of 11.6.48 the Negev was under full siege and all mail was flown; vf

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