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Lot #: 16

1867 (NOV. 8) JAFFA Ornamented pmk (St. 522) vf strike 8/11 tying 10sld Lombardo - Venetia Arms Austrian Post to commerc. Parodi corresp. letter (no message part) to Beirut Austrian Post  arrival pmk on face; vf & Rare, sign A. Diena, the 1st Austrian Jaffa pmk 

Start: $400 Sold For: $445
Lot #: 17

Caifa to Japan - CAIFA OESTER. POST 22 2 05 pmk tying 20pa Austrian Levant stp to ppc (Nazareth), message in English, PORT SAID transit 26 II 05 & 2 diff Japanese arrival pmks 1 dated 31 MAR 05 all on face; f-vf 

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 18

1/1911 REGISTERED commerc cv Deutsche Palastina Bank Haifa to Jaffa branch, 1pi imptd envelope w/addit franking: pair 20pa + 60pa single 1908 issue - this last seldom seen used, total franking = 3pi + 20pa: 1pi letter rate + 1pi regist + 60pa (1pi+20pa) for 2x addit weight - Triple weight Regist cv, all tied by clear pmks CAIFA OESTER... index b (St.508), regist label #18 type C, JAFFA arr pmk on back; small top marginal tear & corner creases o/w vf & a scarce comb. 

Start: $200 Sold For: $230
Lot #: 19

10.2.1911 registered Deutsche Palestina Bank Haifa 10pa imptd cv to the Jerusalem branch in Mixed Franking of Austrian Levant & Crete issues Paras & Centimes: 10 imptd + 30 + 60pa & 5 + 15c total 140pa, rate: 40pa basic letter + 40pa registration + 2x30pa for 2x addit. weight all tied by vf pmks CAIFA OSTER... (St. 507), top left "Chargee" cachet in Violet & "Caifa Oster... Post / Rec. No 50" cachet (St. type D + $700), arrival JERUSALEM OSTER... (St. 549) 14.2.11 pmk; opened for display, f - vf, certif. Tsachor - Aloni, ex Schaeffer

Start: $400 Sold For: $400
Lot #: 20

NAZARETH (St. 512) 27.2.08 vf strike in Violet of the straight line cachet in capitals tying 20pa on 20H Austrian Levant stp to ppc (Nazareth) mailed to Toronto - Canada, CAIFA OESTER... (St. 506) 28.2.08 also tying the stp; small tear at top center of ppc, f-vf & Rare, certif. Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $500 Sold For: $870
Lot #: 21

10/1912 Parcel Card Jerusalem #422 to Switzerland, frank total of 29 piaster & 10pa for weight of 14.5 kgs!: 1908 issue 4x1pi & 10pa on back + 5x5pi on front all tied by pmks JERUSALEM OESTERR... index a (St.548) complete coupon at left + office arrival cachet & Swiss Customs cachet for 9.1Fr applied all on front; vert centerfold & top w/light toning, fine & unusually high franking 

Start: $350 Sold For: $705
Lot #: 22

TAXED MAIL: Poste Restante Service - 2/1900 Bavarian reply Card, unsevered, Mi P43 uprated w/7pf stps (both parts) mailed to Jerusalem, delivered by the Austrian Post charge of 10pa for the service collected by an Austrian definitive Levant stp 10pa on 3Kr tied by pmk JERUSALEM OESTER... POST 5/3/1900 this was done also on the Reply part which remained unused. The actual arrival in Jerus is the pmk at top left - 27/2/1900 a week before the collection of the pc by the addressee; vf & Rare, sign Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $500 Sold For: $625
Lot #: 23

8/1906 cv ex Chicago to Jerusalem (the Anglo Saxon Syndicate) franked only 2c for domestic (rate was 5c) marked T "15 centimes N.Y." & taxed upon arrival 20pa + 1pi 1902 Austrian Levant P. Dues (Mi #2 & 3) tied by pmk JERUSALEM OESERR. POST (index a) 15 IX 06. As Refused (Very Rare German/French label in Pink) marked "Retour Chicago America". Tax calculation 1c=10pa, double the deficiency 2x3c = 6c = 60pa (20pa + 1pi); fine & first time the "Refuse" label offered by us

Start: $600 Sold For: $635
Lot #: 24

5/1909 Austrian domestic 10H letter card mailed from  Silesia to Bohemia Redirected to Jerusalem uprated w/only 1H stp - this disregarded, marked & Taxed upon arrival 1½pi Austrian 1908 Levant P. Dues tied by pmk JERUSALEM OESTER... 11.V.09, 2x deficiency of 15H = 30H = 1½pi; vf

Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 25

9/1909 cv New York to Jerusalem frank only 3c (strip of 3x1c) instead of 5c marked "via London" & T in Hexagon, upon arrival marked "1pi" & taxed 2x½ pi Austrian Levant P. Dues tied by pmk JERUSALEM OSTERR. POST (index b) - 6 X 09 repeated on back; roughly opened at right & some back faults, fine & spectacular

Start: $250 Buy

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