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AUTOGRAPHS (see also #390)

Lot #: 418

ACHAD  HA'AM full sign in Hebrew as Ascher Ginsberg on his Odessa imptd pc, message in Hebrew dated "Odessa 23 X 903" to Abraham Cogan in Zitomir, re: "... he compliments him for his writing but writing a review is not his profession..."; f-vf

Start: $280 Buy
Lot #: 419

BEN GURION D. fully signed 21.10.1929 typed letter in Hebrew on official form of the General Council of the Histadrut (Labor Organization) to Itzhak Shemi (a writer born in Hebron 1888, expert on Arab-Jewish relations) re: request for comments on a meeting protocol regarding the Arabs in Eretz Israel, the date of the doc is 2 months after the 1929 Riots in which 133 Jews were killed & many others were injured; 3 filing holes in margin, scattered spots & vert. fold, fine & most unusual

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 420

BEN GURION D. fully signed 26.7.1955 1 page typed letter in Hebrew to Gershom Shoken the "Ha'aretz" daily editor  on Defense Minister's stationery (he served a short period only as Defense Minister 21.2.1955 - 3.11.1955) with a copy to the Prime Minister Moshe Sharet, re: Reproach on an article criticizing at no reason, one of the best IDF units published in the Newspaper; 2 filing holes in margin, folded, vf & most unusual

Start: $600 Buy
Lot #: 421

BEN GURION D. fully signed 11.8.1955 1 page typed letter in Hebrew to Arie Ben David on State of Israel official form, re: Ben Gurion negates the possibility of establishing a United Socialist Zionist Party; folded, fine

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 422

EINSTEIN A. full sign in English on a typed letter in German on USA Air Letter dated 27 Jan. 1952 to Dr S. Lehman director of the Ben Shemen Youth Village in Israel. Einstein's letter is a reply to Dr Lehman's invitation to attend the opening of the new High School in the Village to be named after A. Einstein. Einstein writes: "....your letter of 14 Jan has embarrassed me, in spite of the very good cause. For me, it is quite impossible to go to such an event, as I have always hated opportunities .... I would expose myself to heavy accusations...."; folded, fine, translation of the letter to English attached

Start: $2,800 Buy
Lot #: 423

WEIZMANN CHAIM 19.9.1935 full sign in English on a 1 page typed letter in English on stationery of The Jewish Agency For Palestine - London to L. Braude in Tel Aviv, re: South African promised contribution of  £500, with additional personal New Year greetings handwritten & signed in Hebrew at bottom; folded, f-vf 

Start: $600 Buy