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Lot #: 431

15 early Anti-Semitic PPCs 9 colored, 8 mint & 7 used 1897 - 1909 in the USA & Germany. 12 are German - editions incl. Max Marcus, U. Baasch, Karl Fickenscher, etc. USA edit. incl. Henry Schwabl 1909, 5 ppcs are UDV; f-vf (x15) & valuable

Start: $250 Sold For: $340
Lot #: 432

1919 Germany - small Anti-Semitic election wall poster (A4 size) of "Die Deutsch Nationale Volkspartei": 1) The leaders of most German parties are Jews: 2) While they gain millions the idiot Germans continue to starve; 3) Even in Prussia "Juda" Reigns to-day, etc.; 4) Let us free ourselves from the Jews; light margin faults, folded, fine

Start: $150 Sold For: $150
Lot #: 433

DUTCH: 5 Anti-Semitic early large labels: The Jews are Germany's Disaster; Get rid of the Jews; "Joden Kliek" (faulty); Hotel Kolner - Judenfrei !, etc., 4 are mint & vf, also the Rare "Joodsch Tehuis Barneveld" 5c cantine coupon of the camp for Important Dutch Jews in "De Schaftlaar" & "De Biezen" houses; f-vf (x6) & scarce

Start: $200 Sold For: $200
Lot #: 434

Der Ewige Jude (8 items) - 1938 Wien Exhibition: ppc of the Official Hall, the Official ppc, 3 Anti-Semitic ppcs by B.K.W. each w/the Wien 9/1938 Exhibition pmk, 12/1937 Munchen Exhib. pmk on mailed pc & on mailed cv, 1935 NSDAP post slogan on Nurnberg ppc; also 2 USA mailed ppcs Barbarism Against Civilization - Help Fight Nazism and Fascism Means War; 1940 - 3 "Sara" airmail cvs Germany to New York; f-vf (x14 items)

[PPC] [] [CV]
Start: $220 Sold For: $320
Lot #: 435

Die Juden in USA ( The Jews in the USA) by the Nazi German party 1942 Berlin, 64 pages book 17x24 cm, soft covers with 100 photos Anti-Semitic describing the influence of the Jews on the US economy, politics & culture. The author, Dr Hans Diebow, also published "Der Ewige Jude"; fine & scarce 

Start: $150 Sold For: $230

HOLOCAUST (incl. Ghettos & Camps)

Lot #: 436

GHETTOS:  Unusual: U.S. 3c imptd pc Paid Reply sent back from Ghetto MIELEC 30 XI 41 to Long Island City, Nazi OKW & USA censor cachets on face, message in German, arrival pmk 31 Jul 1942 - 8 months after dispatch!; fine

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 437

3 pcs from small Ghettos all w/Nazi OKW censor cachets on face: a) TOMASZOW 4/1940 Polish! 15ck imptd pc to Vilnius; b) BYCHAWA 4/1941 30Gr Gen. Govmnt. imptd pc to Russia, Lublin transit & arrival pmks on face; c) MIELEC 8/1941 30 Gr imptd pc to New York endorsed "durch Lissabon", message in German & Polish; fine (x3)  

Start: $220 Sold For: $260
Lot #: 438

1943 Ghetto to Work Camp - Jewish Correspondence 13 postcards: 9 pcs between 8/4/1943 - 2/7/1943 from Ghetto Dombrowa/Bendsburg to Bajla Sara Feldberg in Frauen Wohnlager XXII fabrik Christian Dierig A.G., Gellenau Kreis Glatz, Barak 1, 6 pcs are from a family member, the pc dated 26/6/1943 bears the Rare unlisted (in Simon) circular cachet of "Jud. Kultusgemeinde Dombrowa O/S", 4 pcs from Sosnowitz between 4/5/1943 - 18/7/1943 to same above Work Camp all by 1 relative who also sent a pc on 10/4/1943 from Dombrowa. Corresp. is in German and all 13 imptd 6pf Hitler pcs are struck w/a large "Z" on face; fine (x13) late corresp. as Ghetto Dombrowa was liquidated in 8/1943 & only appx 1000 Jews were left in Sosnowitz after the 7/1943 actions

Start: $500 Sold For: $1,000
Lot #: 439

Litzmannstadt - Der Aelteste Der Juden - a postcard in Yiddish to be attached to a small parcel mailed on 1941 eve of the Jewish New Year message by M. C. Rumkowski to the parents of children aged 2-7 years: New Year Greetings, sending each child a piece of bread and 5 sweets that are made in his factory; mint unused, f-vf 

Start: $250 Sold For: $605
Lot #: 440

Litzmannstadt - 2 pcs both 6pf Hitler imprint, both Refused: a) 26.12.1941 to Opatow w/2 lines cachet: In Hebraischher und Yiddischer Sprache verboten; b) 30.12.1941 to Judenlager 14 Posen w/Red crayon on face Unzulassig (not permissible); vf (x2) 

Start: $180 Sold For: $320