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Welcome to our 46th  auction. The results of our April 2018 Sale were excellent and prove the steady demand for better Holy Land items. View the

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The Auction is well balanced with most specialties well represented. Especially noteworthy are the sections of Holy Land Forerunners, Mandate Stamps, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Israel Essays, Errors & Varieties, Zionist Congresses, Autographs,  Holocaust mail & Palestine Bank Notes.

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Lot #: 466

OTTOMAN: 1 Livre issue of 1332 = 1916, #A661132, PMG graded 55, About UNC

Start: $200 Bid
Lot #: 467

MANDATE:  500 mils 1939 #F383074, not repaired; Fine

Start: $300 Bid
Lot #: 468

ditto, 1 Pound 1939 #J364843, vert. folds, not repaired; Fine

Start: $400 Bid
Lot #: 469

ditto, 5 Pounds 1929 #A439381, 3 vert. folds, not repaired, good paper quality & a scarce year; F-VF

Start: $750 Bid
Lot #: 470

ditto, 10 Pounds 1944 #C201950, 2 light vert. folds, not repaired; F-VF

Start: $1,500 Bid
Lot #: 471

5 Pounds 20 April 1939 - so called Revisionists' (Etzel) Forgery  #874147; as usual w/these part of edges & corners are missing to make them look circulated, seldom offered

Start: $200 Bid
Lot #: 472

ANGLO PALESTINE BANK: 1 Pound #C453366, PMG graded 40, Extremely Fine, EPQ

Start: $160 Bid
Lot #: 473

ditto, 3 notes: a) 1 Pound #D623232; b) 5 Pounds #C720156; c) 10 Pounds #C987076; F-VF (x3)

Start: $300 Bid
Lot #: 474

FRACTIONAL  CURRENCY:  Kaplan - Zagagi 2 notes: a) 50pr Red-Green #59412-0104 Beth; b) 100pr Green-Green #14804-0103Beth;  F-VF (x2)

Start: $200 Bid
Lot #: 475

Eshkol - Zagagi - 2 notes: a) 50pr Red-Green #388657-0103/Beth; b) 100pr Blue-Green #557285-0102/Beth; F-VF (x2)

Start: $170 Bid