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Lot #: 31

1910  20pa (2x10pa) Turkish stps tied to pc by fine JAFFA 2 - pmk (PM15) dated 12.10.910, message in Hebrew (re: mailing him 200 Fr. etc.), addressed to: "Col. Metoula - Merg-Aion Gedeida - Via Beyrouth - Syrie"; light soiling around stps, few folds, fine & Rare

Start: $800 Sold For: $2,300
Lot #: 32

21.8.1914 (message dated) 10c Austrian Levant pc entire written in Rishon Le Zion to David Idelovich in Alexandria, cancelled JAFFA (St 527) 23 VIII 14, message on back written in Yiddish by David's father -in- law Aharon Mordechai Freiman (1 of the Founders of RLZ). He is describing in detail the troubles of the Jewish Colonies at the outbreak of WWI, i.e.: The economic situation is worsening....I paid 2000 Frs & set free Yacov & Shmuel from the Army...People are getting poor & even the Winery has no money....The government is confiscating our horses & carts, all works have been stopped...etc. (cpl translation of the message in Yiddish to Hebrew is attached).The front has a message in Hebrew from David's father, re: The unemployed Jewish workers; pmk fine, a vf & important historical postcard 

Start: $600 Sold For: $1,900
Lot #: 33

1913 - 20pa Turkish stp tied to pc by fine Tiberiade pmk (PM4) dated 31.7.913 message from "Yavneel" dated  26.7.1913 in Hebrew, mailed to A. Ruppin - Jaffa, on front transit pmk CAIFFA 31.7.916 (PM11), message incl. notification of mailing via APC bank payment for 15 Shekels & that they chose Eliezer Shochat as their delegate to the Congress; 2 filling holes at bottom, fine

Start: $400 Sold For: $800
Lot #: 34

Rarity: "Yessud Ha'Ma'ala" -  a colony in the upper Galilee founded 1882 - Turkish 20 pa imptd reply card mailed to Austria, family corresp in German. endorsed  at top right "Yesod h: - Purim 15th Adar" (20.3.1916), re: "...we plan to do some site seeing during Pessach in the Galilee", return address: "Colonie Rosh Pina pres Saffed - Palestina" - as no post office in Yessud Ha'Ma'ala, pc cancelled "DAMAS" octagonal 30.3.1916 pmk, 5 diff censor marks incl. Beyrouth Star & Crescent & K.u.K. Military censor marks;  fine & Extremely Rare as this is the only pc recorded by us from this Colony, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $1,500 Sold For: $3,255
Lot #: 35

Colonia Zicron Yacob pres Caiffa - 30.11.1895 dated message in Romanian, 20pa imptd Turkish pc mailed from Caiffa (part of Turkish pmk) to Leipzig  - Germany, ALEXANDRIE 3 XII 95 transit pmk on front, sender is Haim Milman; f-vf & Rare mail

Start: $250 Sold For: $420
Lot #: 36

1907 Greeting Card cv & its original card ex family Kajarnovsky Zicron b/Caiffa to D. Judelonz in Rischon b/Jaffa frank 10 pa on 5H Austrian Levant stp, Printed Matter rate, tied by vf pmk CAIFA OESTER.... POST 19 9 07 (st. 506) during the New Year Holidays; vf (x2)

Start: $300 Buy


Lot #: 37

24 DEC 1857 cpl letter ex Jaffa to Marseille JAFFA- SYRIE (St. 302) Pearl Ring vf strike 24 DEC 57 & boxed "PAQUEBOTS.... MED... " &  '10'  Decimes charge - all on face, back w/Alexandrie  (St. 300. 1) 26 DEC & Marseille 4 JANV 58 arrival pmk, carried on the Ephrate; usual horiz. fold o/w vf, certif Muentz          

Start: $500 Buy
Lot #: 38

POSTE  FRANCAISE  JAFFA / SYRIE (St. 309) vf - spb strike (the best we have seen of this pmk) as arrival, on front of  French 10c pc entire 1896 issue from Alger to Jerusalem, to Grand Rabbi Samuel Salant, also JAFFA/SYR1E  12 SEPT 99 (St. 311) double circle transit & JERUSALEM  OESTERR.... 13 9 99 (St. 545) Austrian arrival  pmk, as no French Post in Jerusalem yet, all on front, message  in Heb.; light comer bends o/w vf & scarce

Start: $450 Buy
Lot #: 39

JAFFA/SYR1E (St.310) 9 JUIN 90 - 3 vf  pmks tying 3xlpi on 25c Sage to REGISTERED cv w/boxed R (St.319) No. 492 + Recommandee in manuscript all on front, mailed to Paris, Alexandrie transit 14 1U1N 90; small top margin tear away from stps, fine Double Rate cv 

Start: $400 Buy


Lot #: 40

15.10.02 - 20 pa on 10pf German pc entire JERUSALEM - DEUTSCHE POST to Berlin arr 25/10/02. As this 1889 issue was already Demonetized it was hand struck w/the Jerusalem T cachet deep chamfered corners & marked "20" gold centimes; vf & scarce 

Start: $300 Buy