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Lot #: 41

Jaffa to Detroit - Regist cv properly frank 2pi (2x1pi on 20pf) tied by JAFFA DEUTSCHE POST 5.4.13 (St.221) regist label type F, by Knoll - Sarona, on back Seapost Bremen - New York R 15.4.13 & N. York 23.4.13 transit pmk; vf unusual route 

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 42

1907/09 - 2  items: a) 1907 regist  cv Jerusalem to Munchen - Germany franked 2pi  on 40pf  tied by JERUSALEM DEUTSCHE POST 25 11 07 pmk (St. #234) & R label #755 (St. type J), arrival pmk on back;  b) 1909  regist Printed Matter cv (endorsed Drucksache)  Jerusalem to Krombach Bohmen franked 1¼pi  on 25pf (correct rate 10pa + 1pi) tied by  JERUSALEM DEUTSCHE POST 4 12 09 pmk (St. #234) & R label #451 (St. type J), arrival pmk on back; vf (x2)

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 43

1917  Kaiserin Auguste Victoria Stiftung auf dem Oelhberge bei Jerusalem imptd stationery cv, sent by Diplomatic Mait to Germany, Official cachets on front & Generalkonsulat Jerusalem Geprueft cachet on back, Berlin 16. 5.17 arr pmk on front; light diagonal bend o/w vf

Start: $250 Sold For: $250


Lot #: 44

JAFFA ROPIT (St. 629A - rated R) fine pmk 23.12.1898 in BLUE tying 2kop Levant stp to Printed-Matter cv of the Colonization Co. in Jerus to Germany, transit pmks of Ropit Constple & Smyrna, flap unsealed as per regulations; vert centerfold & light margin faults, fine, opinion Collins: "...only copy of this pmk recorded...also earliest cv w/a Russian double circle pmk in the Holy Land..." 

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 45

11/1913 registered cv Jerusalem to Grossrohrsdorf - Germany, arrival pmk, frank 1913 Romanov issue ovptd stps: 2x5 + 10 + 20pa + 1pi total 2pi correct regist rate – 4 color franking all tied by 3 pmks JERUSALEM - ROPIT (St. #646) 23 XI 1913 light impression, regist label type O (St. rated R) Punctuated R in circle (St. #648 - +$1500); f - vf & very scarce

Start: $400 Sold For: $440


Lot #: 46

BETHLEHEM (PM T2) superb seal in Black tying 20pa Turk stp to ppc (Kunzli - Letzte hl. Christnacht) to Zurich arrival pmk 22.1.00 via JERUSALEM (PM7) DEC 25 99 all on face; vf Last Christmas of the Century ppc

Start: $180 Sold For: $180
Lot #: 47

GAZA (PM4) 4 vf strikes in Black tying stps to back of REGISTERED 9 6 908 DEUTSCHE BANK cover to Jaffa Branch w/Gaza Agentur cachet on face, penciled registration & "No. 1048" on front, total rate of 120pa: 40 domestic + 40 regist + 40 addit weight; few usual small cv faults, generally vf & Rare, 1 of the 8 Registered items ex Gaza, certif Muentz, signed Tsachor

Start: $700 Buy
Lot #: 48

HAIFA POSTA SHUBESI 1287 (PM 3) in Violet clear Negative Seal on 20 pa Turkish postal stationery card to Germany, message dated 30.1.1898, arrival pmk on front COBURG 1 - 8.2.98; few light peripheral wrinkles, f - vf & Rare, signed Nakri & Tsachor, certif Muentz

Start: $1,000 Buy
Lot #: 49

 CAIFA - (PM 4) full clear strike in Blue on 20 pa postal stationery card mailed to Germany, message in German dated Caifa 12.9.85 by the British Vice Consul, Turk. transit & German arrival pmks; vf for this difficult pmk, Collins: "7 items recorded"

Start: $240 Buy
Lot #: 50

10.8.1902 registered double weight cv sent by "Augusto Parodi - Caifa" mailed to Hamburg, franked on back, 4 colors Turkish franking - 10 stps: 4x5pa + 4x10pa + 20pa + 1pi total 3pi: 1pi basic rate + 1pi addit weight + 1pi Registration fee all tied by HAIFFA 10.8.902 pmk (PM 7), UPU R cachet #450 (RC 1) - this on front, Hamburg 20.8.02 arrival pmk on back; light peripheral creases, f - vf early regist. cv

Start: $250 Buy