French Levant 20pi on 5Fr in the Holy Land -  28.2.1905 Registered printed matter front wrapper (of books package 21x14cm) sent from Jerusalem to Alexandria, to Prof. Kaufmann in the German School. Franked 20pi on 5fr  (Mi #122C, Yv. #232) French Levant stamp (single franking),  1pi  registration + 19pi for 76x10pa for each 50 gr. printed matter rate, total 3800gr. Tied by “JERUSALEM PALESTINE” 1 MARS 05 datestamp (St #329), registration cachets framed "R" No 375 in manuscript  (St #332) at left,  Imprimé & Einschreiben private Violet cachet at bottom; filing hole at left o/w vf, a Very Rare usage of the High Value stp, the heaviest Printed Matter delivered by the French Post in the Holy Land recorded by us, certif. Tsachor-Aloni

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