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Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 48th auction. After postponing it from May 2020 we
received many requests to hold it as soon as possible. We hope that the current
sale will arouse the ususl interest and attention.
This auction can be viewed only at You can browse the
catalogue or download any section by PDF.
Many more images are shown on the website, these could not be included in
the hard copy.
While most specialties are represented some merit special attention, few of
which are: Turkish Forerunners, E.E.F. Mail, Palestine Stamps, 1948
Interim, Doar Ivri, 1 st P. Dues, 1948 1 st Festivals, 1950 Air-Mails &
Judaica – Revisionist Movement.
Please FAX or E-mail your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to
include their FAX, or E-mail & telephone numbers and/or email addresses
on their bid sheets.
With all good and sincere wishes,


THE PICTORIALS (incl. Blocks, PlBls, Bklts, & Collections)

Lot #: 156

5m (#93) Complete Booklet Pane of 6 (Vert. Ribbed paper) on commerc. Registered airmail cv Haifa to Lugano together w/5 & 3m singles total 38m: 15m basic letter rate + 10m addit. weight + 13m registration, all tied by clear pmks HADAR HACARMEL 17 JU 36, LUGANO 20 VI redirected to St. Moritz 23 VI; vf 

Start: $200 Sold For: $320
Lot #: 157

APC Perfins - 2 regist. Anglo Palestine Co. Jerusalem cvs to Leeds: a) 24 NO 25 frank 26m (2x#79, both perfined) rate to England was 13m; b) 19 JY 26 frank 2pi (#81) reduced rate to England 7m (as of 16 Feb 26) + 13m regist.; vf (x2) 

Start: $220 Sold For: $220
Lot #: 158

APC Perfins 5 mailed items on the bank's stationeries, all frank Pictorial stps: a) 8/1933 registered cv Jerusalem to Alabama USA frank 13m Bale type F & 15m Type A; b) 7/1929 Registered cv (front only) Jaffa to Austria frank 6m Type D & 20m Type F; c) 9/1923 TLV window cv frank 3m Type H; d) 9/1930 pc Jerusalem to Vienna  frank 3m Type F; e) 2/1929 pc Jerusalem to Haifa frank 4m Type F, shortened at base; fine (x5)

[PC] [] [] [CV]
Start: $180 Sold For: $230
Lot #: 159

2nd P. DUES: 4m Imperforate top marginal block of 4 on ungummed paper in the color of the issued 8m value; vf, like Bale #P.D.8 - $1500, certif Tsachor-Levinger

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 160

3rd P. Dues: #D12a & D14a, 1 & 4m perf 14¾x14 - the 4 Plate Blocks: #D12a LL pl bl of 6 (3x2) addit. vert. perfs at left margin, + UR,  #D14a UR w/o plate number !! + LL; orig. gum, faint traces of hinges on margins, stps are u/m, vf (x4 pl bls) Ba $1550, seldom offered

[**] [*]
Start: $400 Sold For: $625
Lot #: 161

1918/1948 Palestine mint stps Collection in Hawid mounts, mounted on 17 album pages of Sheffler - Weinstein published by the SIP covering all the issues incl. the better stps: SG #1 all the 3 shades, #2, #26II (certif. Dorfman), #35 (certif. Dorfman), #38 (certif. Dorfman & Royal), #43 (certif. Dorfman), #46 pair (certif. Dorfman), #70R (certif. Dorfman), #90aD, #97cD,  all the basic sets are cpl. culminating in P. Dues and Revenues; mostly vf (over 300 stps), Bale appx. $12,000 bargain at 

[**] [*]
Start: $1,800 Sold For: $2,300
Lot #: 162

1918/1948 Palestine Used stps Collection mounted on similar SIP album pages as above lot covering all the issues incl. the better stps: SG #1 all the 3 shades, #2 clear date 21 FEB 18, (certif. Dorfman), #16a Rough, #17a Rough, #38, #43, #69 & #82, many basic sets are cpl. Pictorials show the variety of papers & perfs; f-vf (x270 stps), Bale appx. $10,200 a great offer at 

Start: $1,200 Buy

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