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Lot #: 49

INCOMING MAIL: THE 1st CIVILIAN AIR MAIL TO ARRIVE IN ISRAEL: 26 AP 48 registered commerc air mail cv Sofia - Bulgaria to TLV Palestine, brought to Israel by the Czech Airlines flight that landed in TLV - Sde Dov Airport on 5 May 48 receiving arrival Mandate pmk REGISTERED - TEL AVIV 5 MAY 48; vf, Very Rare as very few cvs from this flight recorded, certif Tsachor, see IFPL p. 50

Start: $2,000 Sold For: $2,200
Lot #: 50

26 AP 48 registered air mail commerc cv Poland to Kibbutz Genigar - Affula Post brought to Israel by the Czech Airlines flight that landed in TLV - Sde Dov Airport 5 May 48, Mandate transit pmk oval REGISTERED - TEL AVIV 6 MAY 48 & arrival pmk M. Ha'am Affula on back; few spots o/w vf, Extremely Rare First Czech Civilian Flight to Israel (part of the cvs on this flight were pmkd in TLV on 6th May), see IFPL p. 50

Start: $2,000 Sold For: $3,990
Lot #: 51

28.4.1948 ppc from Rome (Vatican) to Kibbutz Mizra - family corresp. mother writing to her son "…trying to reach Israel in any possible way..." w/Mandate type reintroduced d.c. pmk MIZRA 27 MY 48 as arrival on face & Redirected to TLV, very early mail to enter Israel; light soiling o/w vf

Start: $500 Sold For: $525
Lot #: 52

7 MAY 48 commerc air mail cv Bucarest - Romania to Kfar Ata by Haifa, brought to Israel by the Czech Airlines flight that landed in Haifa on 14 MAY 48, final arr pmk d.c. Mandate type, reintroduced KFAR ATA 16 MY 48 on FD of the Israeli Post; roughly opened at right & straightened, fine & Rare early incoming mail to Israel, certif Tsachor

Start: $1,500 Sold For: $2,500
Lot #: 53

OUTGOING MAIL: 4 MY 48 HAIFA d.c. Mandate pmk tying 75m Mandate stps (correct rate) to air mail cv to Guatemala, alongside & on back 3x25m PATCO private labels tied by PATCO cachet & the above Mandate pmk, on back arr pmk GUATEMALA 8.6.48, on front cachet in Spanish "missent to Guatemala", Returned to the Sender probably because of the use of the Patriotic labels although the Mandate franking was sufficient; few spots, f - vf Rare very early outgoing mail

Start: $500 Buy
Lot #: 54

12 MY 48 HAIFA d.c. Mandate pmk tying 20m Mandate stps (2x #97) on cv to Cairo, cv franked & cancelled as per M. Ha'am regulations, reached Cairo & censored; light toning, fine & Extremely Rare outgoing mail during M. Ha'am period especially to a country at war w/the Jewish State

Start: $1,500 Sold For: $2,900
Lot #: 55

20 MY 48 ROSH PINA reintroduced d.c. Mandate type pmk tying 10m M. Ha'am 10m Ship stp (Ba #23) valid for domestic franking only until 22.5.1948, to DP Camp in Windsheim - Germany, cv originated in Metula, UNTAXED - probably the postal employee in the HAIFA sorting office gave grace to the addressee in the Camp & the German Post did not realize that this is an unvalid franking. As addressee INCONNU - left the DP Camp, cv returned to sender, German label PARTI on front & 2 handstamps on back, Windsheim pmk 24.9.48 on back; roughly opened at top - small faults, fine & Extremely Rare outgoing mail w/M. Ha'am stp as domestic franking

Start: $2,500 Sold For: $4,410
Lot #: 56

31 MY 48 very early registered air mail cv Mandate type pmk TEL NORDAU/TEL AVIV to Prag franked 255m Doar Ivri stps: 5m + 250m - 40m basic air mail rate + 5x40m addit weight (for each 10gr) + 15m registration, transit HAIFA 2.6.1948 Isr. pmk as transferred to the Haifa airport used by the Czech. airlines, National Loan cachet on front; small part of back flap off, f - vf, signed Tsachor - Aloni, quintuple rate cv

Start: $500 Sold For: $900
Lot #: 57

INCOMING MAIL: Courier cv from Bergamo - Italy to Ramat Gan posted Unfranked & taxed 20m (#J4 top right corner stp w/Slug) 1st P. Dues tied by s.c. Mandate type pmk RAMAT GAN 23 JU 48; vert centerfold typical to courier cvs, fine & scarce comb. of 1st P. Dues & Mandate pmk

Start: $400 Buy
Lot #: 58

Courier air mail cv from Paris to Tel Aviv posted unfranked marked metal boxed cachet "To pay 10 mils" taxed 10m (#J3) 1st P. Dues on 15.7.1948 - Concessionary charge instead of 20m as addressed to a private person; vf, signed Tsachor

Start: $400 Buy