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Lot #: 227

Forerunners Mixed 13 items - Austrian: 1 ppc - CAIFA index a 9/1907 to Wittenberg; German: 10/1904 - 1 pc; Russian: 2 pcs - 1 Taxed (collected in cash upon arrival) 9/1911, filing holes; Turkish - 8 items incl. Jerus Octag. #2, 5 & 6, HAIFA - 2 diff., BUR. AMB. JERUS... JAFFA 2, QUART. ISRAELITE (PM3) Hebrew/Turk in Violet & 5/1916 Regist cv JERUS Octag. 2 to the USA frank 2pi; f - vf (x13), valuable

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Start: $280 Sold For: $320
Lot #: 228

4 better Turk. items - 3 are Jerusalem: a) JERUSALEM (GARE) - PM1 vf pmk 1-4-910 in Black ppc frank 20pa to Budapest; b) MEO CHAREM (PM1) vf strike 2/1917 pc frank 20pa to Switzerland, 2 Turk. censor cachets; c) TELEGRAPHES IMP. OTTOMANES (T12) full light strike in Violet 7/1915 cpl telegram from German Consulate - Jerus (hnstp) to Pera, scarce; d) JAFFA 2 (PM12) Rare pmk vf strike 17.6.914 commerc ppc Istanbul arr pmk, bottom corner crease, very seldom offered; c+d - fine, a+b - vf, valuable (x4)

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Start: $200 Sold For: $200
Lot #: 229

New Hotel - Haifa Palestine 1898 / A. Nassar clear biling cachet Eng./Arab on face of 3/1903 ppc CAIFA OESTER/POST to the USA, message by tourist in English; vf & scarce

Start: $150 Buy
Lot #: 230

JEWISH COLONIES: 1909 Petah Tiqva 14pa local stp left side of the sheet vertical marginal strip of 7, printer's marks on margin. The sheet had 11 vert rows of 7 total 77 stps. Issued by the Local Council to pay for delivery of the mail from the Colony to Jaffa and from there onward by the Austrian Post. The use was stopped after a year by the Turkish authorities; 4 stps u/m & 3 w/hinge traces, fine & Rare, only 1 cpl sheet recorded, see St. p. 415

[**] [*]
Start: $450 Buy
Lot #: 231

Petah Tiqwah Per Oesterr. Post (St. 705) vf strike in Violet on pict. side of ppc (by Zalmon) tying JNF Herzl label dated in pen 12/05/1909, message to Frankfurt in German dated P. Tiqwah 11 Mai 1909 via JAFFA/OESTERR. POST 13.V.09 pmk tying 20pa Aust. stp; vf

Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 232

Petah Tikwah Per Oesterr. Post (St. 705) vf cachet in Violet as arrival mark! 4/1910 Parcel card Russia to the colony via Russian Post JAFFA ROPIT 15.V.1910, then via JAFFA OESTER. POST 30.5.10; vert folds not thru the cachet, fine

Start: $400 Sold For: $707
Lot #: 233

1897/1916 - 19 pcs & ppcs all addr to the Directors of MIKVE ISRAEL Agricultural school: J. Niego, S. Loupo & E. Krause, 5 incoming from abroad & 14 domestic, of these 4 are via the Austrian Post, 5 French Post & 5 Turk Post - 3 from Jerusalem, 1 from Safed & 1 from Migdal mailed in Tiberias; f - vf (x19)

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Start: $150 Sold For: $180


Lot #: 234

ACRE (PM9) REGISTERED Commerc Cover w/Advice of Receipt cachet AR1 #3 on front, addr to the USA, 2 vf pmks 19.1.900 tying 2x20pa & 2x2pi to back - total 5pi: 1 basic + 1 regist + 1 AR + 2 for 2x double weight - Triple Weight cv!, Chicago office arr markings, 3 wax seals; shortened at right & cv faults due to weight, opened for display, a presentable Rare cv bargain at

Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 235

AKKIA (ST. JEAN D'ACRE) - PM11 - 8/1911 commerc REGISTERED COVER to Chicago properly frank 2pi Turk stp tied by almost cpl pmk, Registry in manuscpt No. 98 top left, Napoli transit & various Chicago arr pmks on back; light corner creases & back flap tear but cpl, f - vf & very seldom offered, signed Nakri

Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 236

BENI SAAB POSTA SHUBESI 1295 (PM1) vf full strike in Blue tying 4x10pa Turk stps to small cutout; vf, Collins states: 1 cv & 1 pc recorded, Rare pmk rated 1000

Start: $150 Buy