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Lot #: 311

2/1924 Unfranked ppc (R.M.S. "Adriatic") mailed Naples to Safed marked by Italian large "T" & boxed "To Pay 16 mils" (double foreign pc rate) Taxed in Safed 16m - pair of 4m + single 8m 1st P. Dues (2x D3+D4) on 13.2.1924; vf & scarce comb.

Start: $350 Sold For: $625
Lot #: 312

2/1924 England to Sarafend cv franked only 1½d KGV marked in England T35 & in Palestine boxed: To Pay 10 mils, taxed 10m 1st P. Dues 2 + 8m (D2 + D4) tied by pmk SARAFEND 11 MR 24; roughly opened at top, fine

Start: $200 Sold For: $220
Lot #: 313

5 taxed items: a) 4/1927 ppc ex Germany taxed 10m 2nd P. Dues 2 & 8m (D7 & 9) in Jerus; b) 10/1933 pc ex Cairo taxed in Jerus 6m 3rd P. Dues - D15; c) 3/1939 Canada to Jerus frank 3c & 3 lines cachet "Please advise... letter rate... is six cents..." - 1st tax of 14m annulled by large device & 2nd attempt completed; d) 12/1939 London to TLV cv frank 5d for air mail taxed 80m! (D15+19+20) & annulled as "Refused" then Retour; e) 4/1942 unfrank Haifa cv taxed 20m (D19), scarce boxed "T20" cachet; cvs w/filing holes not thru stps, fine (x5)

[PC] [CV]
Start: $180 Sold For: $210
Lot #: 314

6 cvs & 1 ppc taxed 3rd P. Dues: a) 8/1938 underfranked ppc from South Africa taxed 6 mils; b) 6/1939 underfranked cv from Berlin taxed 10 mils; c) 8/1939 underfranked cv from France taxed 26 mils; d) 11/1940 air mail from Basel censored & marked "Compulsory Registration", Tel Aviv R No. 1186 label affixed & charged 13m P. Dues(D18) single registry fee - Rare; e) 11/1942 local cv to Rishon Le Zion taxed 12mils for additional weight - 6m deficiency x2; f) Cv Jerusalem to RLZ mailed unfranked, 20m 4 color Taxation (2x D12 + D14 + D15 + D16); g) 4/1947 commerc Jerus cv to Haifa frank 10m Revenues (2x5m) - Unaccepted taxed 20m (pair D17); fine (x7) & valuable

[PPC] [CV]
Start: $300 Sold For: $420
Lot #: 315

3rd Postage Dues - 11 taxed items 1929/46 incl.: 5/1929 (early) cv Cairo to Jerusalem taxed 8m, 1934 cv India to Haifa taxed 7m, 1938 cv Greece to Rishon Le Zion taxed 6m, 6/1939 parcel packing cutout England to Jerusalem taxed 136m, 1939 cv Budapest to Haifa taxed 26m, 1945 courier cv from Budapest mailed unfranked in Prague taxed in TLV 27m, 10/1945 Jerus cv to Safed unfrank & tax of 20m stps annulled as OHMS corresp., etc.; f - vf (x11)

[C/O] [DOC] [] [CV]
Start: $240 Sold For: $320
Lot #: 316

3rd Postage Dues - 12 Taxed items 1930/46 incl.: 1937 from USA to Jerusalem taxed 6m cv returned & taxed annulled, 1938 cv from Paris taxed 14m cv returned & tax annulled, 1939 cv from Romania taxed 14m, 1942 Express cv from TLV to Peta Tiqva franked 35m & taxed 30m - 2x15m double the deficiency, 1946 cv from England to Wadi Hanein - Ness Ziona taxed 96m, 8/1945 ppc Hamilton - Canada frank only 3c taxed in Haifa 2x1m - unusual, etc.; f - vf (x12)

[PPC] [DOC] [] [CV]
Start: $280 Buy


Lot #: 317

ACRE (D2-F-) 2 vf pmks 29 SP 20 repeated on back tying 4x5m Typos (4x#9) to Registered cv mailed to England, registry in manuscript "Acre 962", Haifa transit pmk on back same date; hinge remnants on back, vf

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 318

LUDD (D6-F) on Provisional Envelope #1 (PR1) - 2 vf pmks 15 SP 21, franked 2pi stp (#53) Ludd inserted in manuscpt on Regist. label, back LUDD (D4-I+) 15 SP 21 - New Latest Date! locally addressed; vf combination of 2 Rare pmks & envelope, signed Tsachor

Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 319

REHOBOTH (D1-H+) vf pmks 4 AU 21 (LKD) tying 3x5m (#51) to Registered cv to TLV, registration in manuscript, TPO Kantara - Haifa North 5 AU 21 transit & Jaffa arr pmk same day; roughly opened top, much undercat. pmk, Rarity, certif Tsachor - Levinger

Start: $350 Buy
Lot #: 320

ZAMMARIN (D2-H) 17 DE 20 - 2 full pmks tying correct 10m franking cv to London in Mixed Franking JI - 2m & 4m (SG #17 & 19) & Narrow Sett. 1m & 3m (#44 & 45); vf & Rare franking & pmk, signed Tsachor

Start: $300 Buy

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