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Lot #: 582

1670 - 1780, 26 documents & letters mostly related to an important Jew. personality Solomon Jean Baptiste in Alsace-Lorrain, mostly in French partly handwritten; mixed condition but many are fine (x26) valuable for study

Start: $300 Sold For: $420
Lot #: 583

1709! Proclamation by Georg Ludvig Herzog zu Braunschweig (Prince of Braunschweig) against the Jewish merchants, beggars, guests, etc. who are coming from Posen (Poland) and from Danzig where there is a Pest Plague. All these Jews spreading the Pest are to be arrested. They should be checked carefully incl. cloths, shoes and belongings to prevent the spreading of the Pest in the Kingdom. Gothic German, double page 40x34cm, issued in Hannover 5 Sept. 1709; folded, fine & a doc w/very serious Anti-Semitic significance (full translation to Hebrew enclosed)

Start: $1,500 Buy
Lot #: 584

1775 (April 6) Frankfurt Senate public decree originally issued 1770 (July 10) by the Mayor, re: "the increase of conflagrations... especially in Jewish houses... only reasonable use of candles is allowed, those who will not obey will be fined, a 1/3 of the fine will be given to the informer...", 16x20cm, watermarked paper, 1 page on both sides; fine, full translation to English attached

Start: $220 Sold For: $220
Lot #: 585

1821 Calendar for the Hebrew Year 1821/2 printed in Vilna, 14 pages incl. sunrises & sunsets, Hebrew & Yiddish, replaced outer covers, 9½x17cm; fine

Start: $150 Buy
Lot #: 586

1902 Ost und West - an illustrated monthly Zionist cultural journal, edited by Davis Trietsch & Leo Winz, 12 issues Jan - Dec 1902, printed in Berlin in German & illustrated also w/full page plates, w/the participation of Herzl, Buber, Achad Ha'am, Lilien & many others, bound in hard cover, 20x27cm; mostly fine

Start: $75 Sold For: $75
Lot #: 587

Dreyfus Affair - 10 JUIN 1899 pmk of Cayenne/Guyane the day A. Dreyfus was liberated from his exile in that place, a special printed pc for this event with: "Vive Zola, Vive Clemenceau, La Justice Triomphe...", mailed to Amsterdam; vf

Start: $120 Sold For: $190
Lot #: 588

1896/1906 - Dreyfus Affair 33 diff. better postcards: 24 mint UDV, 4 used UDV & 6 used regular. Editions incl.: Baumann - Berlin, Gaston - Maury, Sternfeld - Venice, Meulenhoff - Amsterdam, Le Deley - Paris, Max Marcus, Fritz Schadt, Philipp + Kramer, Krotoskin, A.M. Amiot - Den Haag, etc.; f - vf (x33) a valuable assemblage

Start: $400 Buy
Lot #: 589

1913 The Beilis Affair mint ppc captions in Yiddish "Beilis w/his family - after the trial 1913", Russian made; light soiling still fine & Rare

Start: $60 Sold For: $110
Lot #: 590

Bronze plaque w/the face of the prophet Jeremiah, 1938, on the reverse the inscription "In the union of faiths we are fortified to serve mankind" & 3 hands holding a torch. Signed & dated: Louis Rosenthal, 1939, 9x5.8cm. The plaque was made by the artist as a reaction to the Crystal Night in Germany 20.11.1938; vf

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 591

Birobidjan - 2 items: a) 15.1.1942 full legible pmk biling Yiddish/Russian as arrival on folded OAS WWII letter scarce 2nd type pmk of the autonomous region; b) The special Official 1932 GEZERD advert pc - Lottery for Birobidjan region - unused; a - f - vf, b - vf

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Start: $200 Buy