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Lot #: 678

BELKIND ISRAEL full sign in Hebrew on handwritten letter on "Kiryat Sefer" bilingual stationery. Belkind was the founder of the Bilu Movement, made Aliya in 1882 & was also the founder of the Colony Gedera, in 1903 he founded & directed the Jewish National Farm School - "Kiryat Sefer" in Meir Shefeya; folded, f - vf

Start: $150 Sold For: $150
Lot #: 679

BEN GURION D. 3/1954 handwritten + signed letter in Hebrew to Bechor Shitrit - Police Minister, from Sde Boker (early date), re: requesting help for a family that was not accepted as Kibbutz S. Boker members & the father was previously employed by the Police; folded, 2 filing holes in margin, fine

Start: $180 Sold For: $190
Lot #: 680

BEN GURION D. fully signed 4.4.55 handwritten letter to Prime Minister Moshe Sharett on Defense Minister's stationery (he served a short period only as Defense Minister 21.2.1955 - 3.11.1955), re: he is protecting Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan against the insulting & abusing voices he hears. He has full faith & trust in him, he is totally devoted to the country, to the army... (Ben Gurion is relating to publications by former Defense Minister Pinchas Lavon all connected to "Ha'Parasha" or "Essek Ha'Bish" - Y.T.); 2 filing holes in margin, folded, vf & most unusual

Start: $1,000 Sold For: $1,700
Lot #: 681

BUBER MARTIN - full autograph in Hebrew on 1st inner page of his book "The Crisis of the Spirit"("Mashber Ha'ruach"), 1953 Bialik Instit. Jerus, 60 pages in Hebrew, original soft covers, 14x21 cm; vf

Start: $60 Buy
Lot #: 682

DAYAN MOSHE full sign in Hebrew 11/1973 on a condolences typed letter to Mrs. Rachel Shalev for the Falling of Major Shaul Shalev in the Oct. 1973 War. He served in the armoured forces and was buried on 12.10.73 (1st week of the War!) on card 22x28cm; vf, personal 1973 letters are seldom offered

Start: $450 Buy
Lot #: 683

1.12.1953 Appointment certificate in English of Mr. Charles A. Gault to the Consul-General for the Northern & Haifa Districts of Israel - 2 large docs on thick high quality paper: a) By Elizabeth the 2nd signed by Foreign Minister Anthony Eden, 26x41cm; b) By President Itzhak Ben-Zvi in Heb. & French signed by him & by Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett w/the seal of the State affixed alongside, 29x45cm double pages; vf (x2) seldom offered

Start: $750 Buy
Lot #: 684

EINSTEIN A. (51) full sign on front page of the book ALBERT EINSTEIN: PHILOSOPHER - SCIENTIST 1949 by THE LIBRARY OF LIVING PHILOSOPHERS - Evanston, Illinois, 770 pages, original hard covers, 16x24cm; vf & scarce 1st edition

Start: $1,800 Buy
Lot #: 685

HOZ DOV full sign in Hebrew 6/1926! handwritten letter on Solel-Boneh bilingual Eng./Heb. stationery to Kaplan, re: plan of Jaffa surroundings, etc.; folded & 2 filing holes margin, fine & scarce

Start: $130 Buy
Lot #: 686

REUVEN biling. Autog. Eng./Heb. on cutout of the Negev - Camel stationery cover issued on 27.11.1949 bearing the imptd stp which is a detail from his painting; vf

Start: $120 Buy
Lot #: 687

Poems ("Machberet Tirgumei Shira") - translated into Hebrew by Moshe Sharett signed by him in Hebrew on the front page, 1965 Am Oved Edit., 60 pages, original soft covers, 12½x21½cm, poems by Pushkin, Balmont, Ehrenburg, Heine & others; vf

Start: $60 Buy

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