Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #49

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 49th  auction, the 2nd that we are holding during the Covid-19 Era. We hope that the current sale will also arouse the great interest and attention as the previous auction.  

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This auction offers a large Doar Ivri Collection with many Rarities and an important Judaica Labels Collection seldom offered.
Most other specialties are represented including Turkish Forerunners,  Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim,  1st P. Dues, 1948 1st Festivals,  Judaica – Revisionist Movement & labels. 


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16  FEBRUARY 2021
20:00 PM (Israel Time)


All the lots are shown in Color

1948 INTERIM (Local Posts Follow)

1948 INTERIM (Local Posts Follow)

Handbooks & Catalogues:

"Israel Foreign Postal Links", 1991, Ch. Shamir & Marvin Siegel, listed as IFPL

"Jerusalem & Safed Postal Services in the Transition  Period", 2004, Z. Shimoni, Y. Rimon &I. Karpovsky, listed as JSPS

"Nahariya, Rishon Le Zion, The Negev Settlements...",  2009, Z. Shimoni, I Karpovsky & Z. Aloni, listed as  NRNS

Bale Israel Specialized Catalogue 1948 - 2016, D. Stier,  Chariot Publishing, listed as Bale # or Ba 

Lot #: 142

EARLY POSTAL LINKS: INCOMING COURIER MAIL - ppc of Stockholm (family correspondence) message endorsed 18/5/48, Par Avion & Via Paris, Flown from  Paris to Haifa by Air France plane which landed in Haifa on 29th May 48,  posted by the Courier unfranked marked large T & boxed "To Pay 15 Mils" (double the domestic pc rate rounded) Taxed 15m (5+10m - #J2 &3) 1st P. Dues tied by pmk HAIFA - 1.6.1948! - 1st Day of the Postage Dues in Haifa; few light spots, f - vf & a Rare early courier, certif. Muentz

Start: $500 Sold For: $6,038
Lot #: 143

PEDI - MAY  27 1948  early flight cv #3687 return address Woodside, Long Island, addressed to Heinz Metzger in Rishon Le Zion; vf & scarce

Start: $300 Sold For: $370
Lot #: 144

Late Outgoing Mail - last mail from Palestine under official Mandate: Printed Matter Jerusalem (under siege) charity cv w/original contents, frank 5m stp (#93), carried to TLV where mailed 26 AP 48 to the USA, returned to the sender. Cv was carried out of Palestine on board the ship "Kedma" departing Haifa 6 MAY 48; light corner creases, f-vf 

Start: $200 Sold For: $320
Lot #: 145

Commerc cv, found by us in a pile of genuine mail to Czechoslovakia,  franked 20m Minhelet Ha'am stps (Ba #23 x2) for surface rate tied by Tel Aviv M. Ha'am pmk to cv mailed to Praha firm, imprinted stationery of "PALESTINE OVERSEAS TRADE - TEL AVIV", mailed to Czechoslovakia contrary to the regulations as mail destined abroad had to be franked Mandate stps & pmkd in 1 of the big cities by Mandate type pmks this up to 14 May. The cv was carried by the SS Franconia or the SS Marine Carp that left Haifa on 17 May 1948; vert. fold away from stps, vf & Rare, certif Tsachor-Aloni    

Start: $500 Sold For: $705
Lot #: 146

HAIFA MESSENGER SERVICE - REGISTERED commerc cv properly franked 2x20m labels tied by the boxed Cafe Riga cachet (type A), as per the rate the cv was handed over in downtown to be delivered in the upper town area - scarce direction; light peripheral creases away from labels & cachet o/w vf & scarce, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $400 Sold For: $400
Lot #: 147

ditto - commerc cv properly franked 15m label tied by the boxed Cafe Riga cachet (type A), dated in manuscript 23.2.48 - a very early usage, vf & scarce

Start: $160 Sold For: $200
Lot #: 148

THE POST OFFICES: AFFULA regist #0047 cv properly franked 25m mixed franking of 20m Mandate stp (#99) ovptd "Emergency Post Affula" & 5m M. Ha'am stp (Ba #29) all tied by Violet pmk repeated twice on back, dated in pencil 9/5, Haifa arr Mandate pmk 10.5.1948; of philatelic origin, vf

Start: $180 Sold For: $230
Lot #: 149

Beer Tuvia - Express cv to TLV properly franked 50m Mandate stps (SG #97x5)) tied by  M. Ha'am pmks in Violet & EX label alongside, dated 9 MAY 1948 by office dater, on back Rehovot M. Ha'am transit pmk; vf & Rare

Start: $250 Sold For: $470
Lot #: 150

GIV'AT BRENNER regist #0548 cv franked 25m mixed franking 20m JNF labels Parachutists w/o DOAR ovpt, (authorized & sold by the Rehovot PO) & 5m Kofer Hayishuv label, tied by 2 pmks in Black repeated twice on back & office dater 2.5.48 mailed to TLV; vf & Rare, appx 30 cvs mailed

Start: $300 Sold For: $420
Lot #: 151

1948 Minhelet Ha'am - 4 commercial cvs: Ashdot Ya'acov, Gevat (franked 11m), Kfar Shmaryahu & Qiryat Amal (reused cv); f - vf (x4), Transition Period - Z. Aloni -  $1150 

Start: $300 Sold For: $340