Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #49

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 49th  auction, the 2nd that we are holding during the Covid-19 Era. We hope that the current sale will also arouse the great interest and attention as the previous auction.  

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This auction offers a large Doar Ivri Collection with many Rarities and an important Judaica Labels Collection seldom offered.
Most other specialties are represented including Turkish Forerunners,  Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim,  1st P. Dues, 1948 1st Festivals,  Judaica – Revisionist Movement & labels. 


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16  FEBRUARY 2021
20:00 PM (Israel Time)


All the lots are shown in Color


Lot #: 26

MOISE JEDID LEVY Beyrouth - he acted as a forwarding agent transferring mail from Beyrouth to the Jewish communities in the Holy Land 1870's to 1880's, 3 cvs w/3 different cachets all addressed to Rabbi Ya'akov Shaul Elyashar - Jerusalem, one cv w/dated cachet 26 JUNEI 83, a 2nd w/the oval bilingual cachet & the 3rd w/New Year greetings cachet in Hebrew; cvs w/scattered spots, one roughly opened, fine & scarce (x3)    

Start: $500 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 27

Colony Hadera - 30 VIII 1912  Austrian 10 centimes stp (damaged) tied to ppc (Petach Tikwa - synagogue, edition Shisha Halevi) by JAFFA Austrian Post pmk, message in Hebrew from Hadera  to Lemberg, posted at the Austrian Post of Jaffa 30 VIII 12; scattered spots, f-vf & Rare   

Start: $400 Sold For: $725
Lot #: 28

2/1913 ppc (Farm Degania by Ben Dov, Bezalel) sent from Jaffa Turkish Post (stp off, part of JAFFA Octagonal pmk visible ) to "Kinereth - pres Tiberiade" also in Arabic, to Gershon Benzour the agronomist in charge of the agriculture training in Kineret, Degania & Bethany, message in Yiddish, Tiberiade Turkish arr. pmk on back; scattered spots, fine &  Rare   

Start: $300 Sold For: $2,600
Lot #: 29

6 VII 14 Jaffa to Kostina Austrian Free Mail, imptd pc ex the Workers' Comm. announcing the receipt of a telegram informing the planned arrival in Jaffa of a group of teachers from Grodno to visit the following colonies who are requested to treat them well: Mikve Israel, Rishon, Nes Tsiyona, Be'er Ya'acov, Rehovot, Gedera, Kostina, Ekron & Ben Shemen. Austrian dispatch pmk of JAFFA OSTER. POST (St. 527); bottom horiz. fold, few light bends, fine & Rare

Start: $500 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 30

1909 - 14para PETACH-TIKWAH local Complete mint sheet of 77 (11x7) w/most margins all round (only 4 stps right marg. miss o/w complete), central splitting and reinforcing by hinges, some wrinkles as to be expected in such a large multiple, the Only Recorded Complete Sheet and practically unmounted, ex. collect. M. Sacher sold by Christie’s 1989, Rare Exhibition Item (photog. Steichele vol II page 415)

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Start: $4,000 Sold For: $6,825
Lot #: 31

Petah Tiqwah Per Oesterr. Post (St. 705) vf strike in Red on ppc tying 10c Austrian Levant stp, cancelled JAFFA/OSTERR. POST 14.VI.06 (St. 526) message in Hebrew, arrival Jerusalem 15.VI.06 on face; scattered spots o/w vf

Start: $300 Sold For: $725
Lot #: 32

Petah Tiqwah Per Oesterr. Post (St. 705) fine strike in Violet on 10 centines Austrian Levant postal card, cancelled JAFFA/OSTERR. POST 14.I.09 (St. 526) message in German to Luzern, arrival LUZERN  22.1.09 on face; vf

Start: $400 Sold For: $800
Lot #: 33

Austrian Free Mail in the Jaffa District: pc originated in Petah Tikwah, written in Yiddish to Mrs. Glaubmann Hotel Loffer in Jaffa, posted free of charge in Jaffa 23 IX 13, cancelled JAFFA Osterr. Post (St. 527); fine & scarce   

Start: $300 Sold For: $545
Lot #: 34

Petach Tikwah 2 mailed items 1911/14: a) 10c Austrian Levant postal card from Petach Tikwah to Luzern posted in Jaffa - 8 II 11; b) 10c Austrian Levant postal card from Jerusalem - 5 VII 14 addressed to ColPetach Tikwa, arr Jaffa - 9 VII 14;  vf (x2)    

Start: $250 Sold For: $370
Lot #: 35

1911 Russian 4kp postal card tied by Lodj Russian pmk dated 4.8.11 (Julian Calendar),  message in Yiddish dated 17.8.1911,  mailed to: "Palestina Colonia Rehovot - pres Jaffa" all in Cyrillic letters; scattered spots, corner bends, fine & Rare 

Start: $300 Sold For: $545