Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #49

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 49th  auction, the 2nd that we are holding during the Covid-19 Era. We hope that the current sale will also arouse the great interest and attention as the previous auction.  

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This auction offers a large Doar Ivri Collection with many Rarities and an important Judaica Labels Collection seldom offered.
Most other specialties are represented including Turkish Forerunners,  Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim,  1st P. Dues, 1948 1st Festivals,  Judaica – Revisionist Movement & labels. 


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16  FEBRUARY 2021
20:00 PM (Israel Time)


All the lots are shown in Color


Lot #: 325

1st Festivals 1948 - Artist's Pencil Hand Drawn Sketch (10x14cm) signed by O. Wallish and dated 26.8.48 showing the adopted basic design for the  1st Festivals stps, , found in artist's archive; vf, the only recorded, certif Tsachor-Aloni    

Start: $1,200 Sold For: $2,100
Lot #: 326

Color Trial Plate Proof of 5 & 20m in near issued colors superimposed, the Ribbon in issued Blue & Red-Brown (of 65m), Single Imperforate ungummed; vf & Rare, from the only recorded part sheet, certif SIP

Start: $250 Sold For: $270
Lot #: 327

RARITY: Proof FDC of 1948 1st Festivals: 3-65m (#10/14) cpl set of  IMPERFORATE SINGLES printed on the issued paper, all affixed to the issued FDC, cancelled by the FD slogan of TEL AVIV 26 9 1948, signed by the designer Otte Wallish in Hebrew & English; scattered light toning o/w vf & Extremely Rare,  certif Tsachor-Aloni 

Start: $2,000 Sold For: $2,200
Lot #: 328

3 - 65m (#10/14) cpl set of 5 VERTICAL GUTTERS & TABS in Tabblocks of 8 white tabs, vertical gutters w/tabs & w/o tabs & extra tabbed stps at top & bottom; u/m, vf (x5) & Rare, Spectacular!, Ba $8900+, certif Tsachor - Aloni    

Start: $4,000 Sold For: $4,000
Lot #: 329

3 - 65m (#10/14) cpl set of 5 in Vertical Gutters w/TABS (White) each value tied to a small cutout by a vf circular pmk -  TEL AVIV 7 - 2.11.1948; few tiny spots, a lovely vf (x5) set, signed Gotlieb, certif Tsachor - Aloni, Ba 10/14c - $3500+

Start: $750 Sold For: $750
Lot #: 330

3 - 65m (#10/14) cpl set of 5 Vertical Gutter pairs tied to cv by TEL AVIV22 - 26.10.1948 pmks repeated on back; vf, Ba 3-20 on cv $780 + 65m - R!     

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 331

20m (#13c) Vertical Gutter Pair w/White TABS tied to cv franked 40m from Kfar Ata 4.11.1948 to Haifa; vf, Ba on cv Rated Rare , as used $700  

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 332

3-65m (#10/14) cpl set of plate numbers, all tied by  the official FD slogan JERUSALEM - 26.9.1948, affixed to the official FDC; cv cleaned, f-vf & Very Rare to find these w/FD pmks on the official FDC  

Start: $500 Buy
Lot #: 333

1st Festivals - 4 air mail cvs mailed to the USA all correct frankings, 3 are registered : a) 11/1948 - 3x65m w/tabs +5 &10m, correct triple rate (3x70m) Haifa to Chicago (certif Tsachor) ; b) 6/1949 - 2x65m Vert. Gutter Pairs (Ba $700 but listed Rare on cv) + 65m  single + 2x50m & 20m Doar Ivri, correct rate (6x70m air mail + 25m registration = 445m) Hakiriya to Boston (certif Tsachor); c) 9/1948 - 2x65m + 4x40m Petach Tikva +5 & 10m Doar Ivri, correct rate (4x70m air mail + 25m registration = 305m) Tel Aviv to Brooklyn; d) 12/1949 - 2x65m + 5m + 250m Jerusalem w/tab & 2x20m Flag, correct rate (5x80m air mail + 25m registration = 425m) Tel Aviv to New York; f-vf (x4) 

Start: $400 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 334

VARIETIES: 10 & 65m (#12 & 14) Vertical strips of 3, Imperf Between Stps & Margin, 3m upper & 65m lower, color strip at each base; u/m, vf (x2), Ba 12D & 14G, $725     

Start: $200 Sold For: $230