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Dear friends and collectors,

The list of Prices Realized of our Nov. 2021 auction again reveals another excellent set of results, demonstrating a continuing strong and steady demand for better philately.
This auction – our 51st – contains many important offerings some of them are:
Jewish Colonies mail, Foreign and Turkish Posts , Palestine stamps, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Jewish Autographs and culminating with a section of Very Rare Palestine and Israel Banknotes.

Over the past 33 years we have offered many of the leading collections of Holy  Land and Israel.
We are planning our next auction, #52, to be our last one. 

With all good and sincere wishes, 


20:00 PM (Israel Time)


All the lots are shown in Color


Lot #: 5

CAIFA (St. 502) the Rare Ornamented pmk 13/4 (1871) 2 fine strikes in Blue tying 1867 5 + pair of 15 Soldi to cv w/3 pages contents in English to New York: "Near Acre, Haifa on the Mediterranean at the base of Mount Carmel, Friday April 28 71.....", endorsed on face "Via Alexandria, Brindisi & England", ALEXANDRIEN 1/5 on back, New York PAID ALL  MAY 28 in Red & marked "35" on face; f-vf, a Rare trans-Atlantic destination, cerif. Tsachor-Aloni 

Start: $1,000 Sold For: $1,650
Lot #: 6

AGENZIA DEL LLOYD AUSTRIACO CAIFFA - vf cachet tying Turkish fiscal stp to freight certificate 1-3-1897 for the Lloyd Venus ship; folded, scattered spots, fine 

Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 7

Austrian Post in Haifa - 4 scarce items: a) 4/1909 Passover - Greeting ppc postcard mailed locally in Haifa as a P. Matter rate franked 10pa Austrian Levant stp; b). 2/1913 registered Austrian Consulate cv Haifa to Reichenberg Mixed Franking 1908 issue (front & back): Crete 3x10c (= 60pa) + Levant 4x20pa total 140pa, rate: 40pa letter + 40pa registration + 2 x 30pa for 2x addit. weight; c) COUPON REPONSE INTERNATIONAL (Reply coupon) for 28H w/vf pmk CAIFA OESTER... POST (St. 508) 1.VI.09;  d) To Bangkok - Siam: 16.7.07 - 10 centimes (= 20 para) imptd postal card from Haifa cancelled "CAIFA OSTER... POST" pmk (St #507) arrival 9.9.1907 on face; f-vf (x4)

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Start: $250 Sold For: $270
Lot #: 8

Nazareth (St. 511) 8.4.07 vf strike in Violet tying 10 pa on 10H Austrian Levant stp to printed-matter ppc (Mary's Well) as less than 5 words in the message, mailed to Cairo, CAIFA OSTER... (St. 506) 9.4.07 alongside, arrival pmk 12 IV 07 ; horiz. fold at top away from stp, fine & very early

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 9

MAJOR HOLYIAND RARITY: 2 Lines cachet in Violet TIBERIAS 3.11.07 superb, on pair 10pa ovpt Aust Levant 1905 stps on PPC (Tiberias) tied by overlapping pmk CA1FA OESTERR. POST 6.11.07 (St. 506), mailed to England, message dated 3.11.07 in Tiberias; tiny marginal nick, vf & Top Exhibition item. certif. Nakri, certif. Tsachor-Aloni, sold in our 1997 auction #12 for $23750 + commission. "... 1 of the 3 known examples of this cachet on a complete piece of correspondenceincluding 1 in the Alexander Museum

Start: $8,000 Sold For: $10,710
Lot #: 10

1867 (June 7) JAFFA Ornamented pmk (St 522) vf strike 7/6 tying 10 sld Lombardo - Venetia Arms, commerc Parodi corresp. Folded letter (no message part) to Beirut marked by recipient: Rec'd 8 June & answered 12 June; f-vf & Rare

Start: $400 Sold For: $400
Lot #: 11

Austrian Free Mail in Jaffa City: small visit card envelope, posted free of charge addressed to Mr Gordon, the Editorial of “Ha'Poel Ha’Tzair” - HERE, cancelled on back JAFFA Osterr. Post (St. 526) 17. I .11; fine & scarce   

Start: $500 Sold For: $500
Lot #: 12

Austrian Free Mail in the Jaffa District: pc originated in Petah Tikwah, written in Hebrew to Rupin’s office in Jaffa – Tel Abib, re: a Jewish worker from the last winter, posted free of charge in Jaffa 18 III 12, cancelled JAFFA Osterr. Post (St. 526), arrival office dater cachet 19/III; 2 filing holes at left, fine & scarce   

Start: $400 Sold For: $1,300
Lot #: 13

AGENZIA DEL LLOYD AUSTRIACO JAFFA - 6-3-1899 full oval cachet on official freight certificate; folded once, f-vf

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 14

6/1914 official form in Hebrew of the JAFFA Austrian Post detailing  the optional services and listing, day by day 1.6 - 15.6, the ships visiting the port, their origins & destinations, etc.; folded, fine, a full translation to German attached 

Start: $180 Buy