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Dear friends and collectors,

The list of Prices Realized of our Nov. 2021 auction again reveals another excellent set of results, demonstrating a continuing strong and steady demand for better philately.
This auction – our 51st – contains many important offerings some of them are:
Jewish Colonies mail, Foreign and Turkish Posts , Palestine stamps, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Jewish Autographs and culminating with a section of Very Rare Palestine and Israel Banknotes.

Over the past 33 years we have offered many of the leading collections of Holy  Land and Israel.
We are planning our next auction, #52, to be our last one. 

With all good and sincere wishes, 


20:00 PM (Israel Time)


All the lots are shown in Color


Lot #: 198

JERUSALEM POSTES FRANCAISES 5 MAI 48 First Day of Service pmk tying 2 overprinted stps of the 1st Issue: a) 6Frs Postes Francaises; b) 10Frs Poste Aerienne, to Consulat General de France a Jerusalem cv to Paris; vf & Extremely Rare FDC, certif. Tsachor-Aloni, Ceres #1 & #PA1 €7000 as 2 used stps    

Start: $4,000 Sold For: $4,000
Lot #: 199

20m ovpt on Consular stp (Yv. #2) vertical strip of 5 PROOF IMPRESSIONS of the Overprint on Transparent paper; vf & Very Rare 

Start: $500 Sold For: $725
Lot #: 200

Agence Consulaire - JERUSALEM Postes Francaises 20 milliemes top right corner block of 4; u/m, vf  €1200++, signed Brun, Hoexter & Muentz      

Start: $500 Sold For: $500
Lot #: 201

20m AFFAIRES ETRANGERES ovpt JERUSALEM POSTES FRANCAISES 20m tied to cv mailed to Paris by pmk JERUSALEM / POSTES FRANCAISES 12 MAY 48 – (earliest recorded date) 4 days prior to the official First Day of this stp, from the Trial sheet presented to the French Consul, on back manuscript note “Arrived at Paris Tri no 1 on June 2 via Diplomatic pouch” also on back arrival pmk “PARIS TRI No 1 DEPART – 1 6 1948; vertical centerfold away from stp o/w vf & Very Rare, certif Muentz, cv shown Livnat p. 44 

Start: $1,500 Sold For: $2,900
Lot #: 202

6fr Marianne ovpt JERUSALEM 20 milliemes in Horizontal GUTTER top marginal Block of 4 , stps type I & II, pos. 5-51, 10-56, pos 51 Rare Livnat type1a - "2" under J; u/m, vf (x2 gutters), certif. Tsachor-Aloni   

Start: $1,000 Sold For: $2,700
Lot #: 203

6fr Marianne ovptd JERUSALEM 20 milliemes, bottom marginal block of 4  all type I; signed w/pencil on back, u/m, vf, Ceres #3 -  €740++, scarce

Start: $400 Buy
Lot #: 204

 Ppc (Jerusalem Jewish Agency buildings) prepared for air mail to Haute - Marne France and franked 20m Doar Ivri stp 29.6.48, transferred to the French Consular Post & re-franked  6fr Marianne ovptd 20m (Type II) tied to ppc by vf pmk JERUSALEM POSTES FRANCAISES 3 JUL 48 addit vf pmk at bottom, arrival pmk PARIS 13-7-48; vf & Rare genuine mail, certif Tsachor-Aloni 

Start: $1,500 Sold For: $2,000
Lot #: 205

6fr Marianne ovpt JERUSALEM 20 milliemes vertical strip of 3 with 2 constant varieties:  "20 milliemes" shifted to the right (pos. 21 & 51) & "broken S" (pos 26 & 76), all tied to large Consular stationery cv addressed to Versailles (for the weight up to 30 gr) by 2 pmks JERUSALEM POSTES FRANCAISES 6 NOV1948; vert. center fold, part of back flap missing, fine & Extremely Rare intact Vertical strip of 3, certif. Muentz

Start: $1,500 Sold For: $3,465
Lot #: 206

6fr Marianne ovptd 20m (Type I) stp tied to mailed cv to Maroc by vf pmk JERUSALEM POSTES FRANCAISES 3 JAN 49 addit vf pmk bottom left, transit pmk on back PARIS TRI NO. 1 DEPART 8-1-49, late as the service terminated 31.1.1949 & arrival pmk CASABLANCA 10 JAN 1949; vf & scarce genuine late mail, certif Tsachor-Aloni, Livnat #33 

Start: $750 Sold For: $750