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Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 52nd auction. The results of our 51st auction, which can be viewed on our website were excellent and show a stable market eager for better items in most specialties.

This is our last auction. During the past 33 years we have dealt with hundreds of vendors and serviced thousands of bidders worldwide. We thank all for the full trust they have given us.
We are also very proud of helping build many collections, some of which reached the highest levels in international shows.

It is with great sorrow that we remember the untimely demise of Zvi Aloni z.l.
Zvi died on September 10 2022, at the age of 74, after a short cancer illness.
He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends.
May he rest in peace.

This auction is highlighted by 2 Large Gold Medals  collections: Holyland Forerunners (incl. Colonies) part 2  and 1948 Doar Ivri.
Other specialties are well represented culminating with a fine section of banknotes.

With all good and sincere wishes,

Yacov Tsachor



Handbooks & Catalogues:

"Israel Foreign Postal Links". 1991, Ch. Shamir & Marvin Siegel, listed as IFPL

"Jerusalem & Safed Postal Services in the Transition Period",  2004, Z Shmoni, Y. Rimon & I. Karpovsky, listed as JSPS

"Nahariya, Rishon Le Zion, The Negev Settlements…", 2009, Z. Shimoni, I. Karpovsky & Z. Aloni, listed as NRNS

Bale Israel Specialized Catalogue 1948-2016, D. Stier, Chariot Publishing, listed as Bale #  or  Ba #

Lot #: 171

Nahalal Emergency Post vf 3 lines strike tying 10m Palestine stps (SG #94 & 104) to commerc cv to TLV return address: "Ramat David... Post Nahalal"; roughly opened at left & vert centerfold, fine, the Rarest of the Emergency Post cvs

Start: $400 Sold For: $400
Lot #: 172

Besieged Ben-Shemen 15 DE 47 Convoy cv (including contents) from a girl in Ben-Shemen "Youth Village" addressed to her father in Haifa frank 10m Palestine stp cancelled BEN-SHEMEN pmk. She writes: "... I am writing today as the convoy comes in a few hours to pick the mail..." This is the same corresp. as lots #174/5 in  the previous Sept. 2022 auction (fetched $7500 & $3300). The village (near Lydda) was under partial siege as of 29 November 47 & was serviced by convoys escorted by the British Army. The siege was lifted on 10 July 1948. On back of the cv return address - children's group Ben-Shemen; roughly opened at left, fine &  a Rare Historic document, certif Tsachor

Start: $750 Sold For: $5,100
Lot #: 173

KEFAR HASSIDIM registered cv #0521 frank 25m D. Ivri stps (10 & 15m tabs, 15m is perf 10¾) tied by the M. Ha'am pmk, backstamped FD of the stps Mandate type pmks 16 MY 48 arrival Israeli pmk HAIFA 2 - 17.5.1948; vf of philatelic origin but genuine mail, last M. Ha'am regist cv was #0519

Start: $220 Sold For: $440
Lot #: 174

Qiryat Amal - 2 mailed Registered items to Haifa, w/the 2 diff. "Regist. Labels": a) #3 Hand Made label on 10m Palest. letter card uprated w/5 & 10m Palest. stps, dated 4/5/48; b) #32 in Manuscript cv frank 10m Palest. stps (SG #91  & 105)  & 15m M. Ha'am stps (Ba #11, 17 & 29); vf (x2)

Start: $350 Sold For: $350
Lot #: 175

TEL MOND regist cv #0424 to Haifa frank 26m (1m convenience overfrank) stps Ba #9x3+12+ 40, dater 12 May 1948, backstamped; vf

Start: $220 Sold For: $220


Lot #: 176

LOCAL ISSUES: 2nd Local issue - Proofs of the overprints 5, 10 & 25m each value x5 on a separate sheet of ungummed thin paper; few light folds in margins only, vf (x3), signed Tsachor

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 177

Sheet Variety (Before Overprinting): 2nd Local Issue - misprint of a full sheet of the 10m stp on the original gummed paper w/the Blue background, the sheet was fed folded resulting in partial & distorted printing, the folded bottom right  corner is printed on the gum side; u/m, vf

Start: $300 Sold For: $525
Lot #: 178

10m 2nd local issue Double & Shifted Ovpt in full horiz. strip of 5 tied to cv by the large M. Ha'am pmk; vf, of philatelic origin, Ba # 105f - $400 x 5 = $2000+ v.  scarce variety

Start: $300 Sold For: $525
Lot #: 179

Jerusalem 1948 - the 3 local issues - 25 diff. items incl. Plate Blocks of 4: 2nd issue - 5 & 25m Imperf + 3rd Gimel perf; Full Sheet of 10: Ba #102h, 103g, 103e, 103 ovpt slanting - 2 stps no ovpt & 105 -  ½   Imperf Sheet "crazy" ovpt + 103 offset onback; Other varieties: Ba #101g, 101i, 101j x 2, 101p, 102f in pair, 102i, 103e strip of 5, 101/103 Imperf pairs + 102 offset on back, 103 strip of 3 left stp no ovpt; sheets trace of hinges on margin, stps are u/m (only 102f no gum), vf (x25 items), Ba $8100 + uncat. items, a valuable assemblage

[**] [*] [] [(*)]
Start: $500 Sold For: $1,600
Lot #: 180

1948 Unadopted "Doar Yerushalayim" Essay, by Ismar David, 3 denom. 5, 10 & 50m Imperf Sheetlet of the 3 - 3 diff. printings: a) Black on White glazed paper; b) Grey on Buff gummed u/m paper tiny thin on margin; c) Green on White glazed paper - this Rare; vf (x3)

Start: $400 Sold For: $675

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