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Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 52nd auction. The results of our 51st auction, which can be viewed on our website were excellent and show a stable market eager for better items in most specialties.

This is our last auction. During the past 33 years we have dealt with hundreds of vendors and serviced thousands of bidders worldwide. We thank all for the full trust they have given us.
We are also very proud of helping build many collections, some of which reached the highest levels in international shows.

It is with great sorrow that we remember the untimely demise of Zvi Aloni z.l.
Zvi died on September 10 2022, at the age of 74, after a short cancer illness.
He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends.
May he rest in peace.

This auction is highlighted by 2 Large Gold Medals  collections: Holyland Forerunners (incl. Colonies) part 2  and 1948 Doar Ivri.
Other specialties are well represented culminating with a fine section of banknotes.

With all good and sincere wishes,

Yacov Tsachor



Lot #: 307

1948 LION FLAG ESSAY - single in Grey & Gold embossing, mounted on a small card 8x15cm, designer's firm cachet at the bottom in Hebrew "Rosenberg & Federbush"; vf

Start: $250 Sold For: $440
Lot #: 308

1949 Petah Tikwah stp (Ba 17, Sc 27) - 3 rejected Essays by Shamir Bros.: a) Artist's sketch in Brown Red & White on Black, stp size 175x65mm with Shamir Studio cachet, lightly soiled on back; b) Photo Essay 36x64mm, marked #5; c) Photo Essay 35x49mm, marked #4; vf (x3), each has a Muentz certif

Start: $400 Sold For: $420
Lot #: 309

1949 TABUL miniat. sheet (Sc. 16, Ba MS1) printed on Light Brown paper instead of the regular Off-White; trace of hinge, f - vf & VR, certif Tsachor

Start: $500 Sold For: $500
Lot #: 310

1950/2 Essay of a 20pr Coin in Red UNISSUED in Right Marginal BLOCK of 4 final printing, same coin design as 5pr 2nd & 3rd issues & 35pr 4th issue (Ba #22, 42 & 61); u/m, vf & Rare, see photo Ba 2016 p. 74, certif Tsachor

Start: $1,000 Buy
Lot #: 311

1952 Postage Dues - the UNISSUED 1000pr denomination  Marginals in BLOCK of 4 final printing, issue planned in 1959 but filed away due to the monetary reform in 1.1.1960 - 100ag = 1IL; u/m, vf & Very Rare, Ba 2016 edit. photo of a single stp p. 146, certif Tsachor

Start: $1,000 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 312

1953 New Year 20, 45 & 200pr (Sc. 75/77 Synagogues) - 3 stages of the production like photo essays on high quality paper: a) Proof for the diff. Printing Dates printed on the right side margin of each plate block: 20pr - 9.7.1953; 45pr - 12.7.1953 & 200pr - 13.7.1953; b) 20, 45 & 200pr Test of Bromides for Tab size - the larger was  selected; c) 20, 45 & 200pr Master  Negative for the final Bromide approval; vf (x3) the only recorded set, see "The Running Stag" by M. Persoff p. 70/75, certif Tsachor

Start: $400 Sold For: $400
Lot #: 313

1953 Maimonides 110pr (Sc 74, Ba 87) Color Trial Blue Imperforate Block of 4, final adopted design and denomination, w/huge margins top & left, printed on the issued Israel (Hebrew) watermarked gummed paper, full original gum, unmounted mint, with usual archive security punch holes; 2 vert. folds in left margin away from the stps, Very Fine & Extremely  Rare, certif Tsachor

Start: $2,500 Buy
Lot #: 314

ditto, but Blue Imperforate Vertical Pair with TAB, all information as the previous lot, also cachet of the Government printing shop on margin, unmounted mint, same remarks as above lot, Very Fine & Extremely Rare as only 4 tabs  in a sheet - this is the left bottom corner from the split sheet, certif Tsachor

Start: $2,000 Buy
Lot #: 315

1955 Teachers' Organiz. (Sc. 91, Ba 104) Lamp Essays for the stp, 2 diff. blocks of 4, Imperforate printed on gummed paper; u/m, few light wrinkles, f - vf

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 316

1966 Israel Museum - 3 Adopted Designs Original Sketches in Color & each signed by the artist D. Adler in English; a) 0.30IL Stone Menorah (Sc. 324), 7x13½ cm; b) 0.80IL Gold Capital (Sc.327), 15x8cm; c) 1.15IL Drinking Horn (Sc. 328), 8x13cm; vf (x3)

Start: $300 Sold For: $300

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