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Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 52nd auction. The results of our 51st auction, which can be viewed on our website were excellent and show a stable market eager for better items in most specialties.

This is our last auction. During the past 33 years we have dealt with hundreds of vendors and serviced thousands of bidders worldwide. We thank all for the full trust they have given us.
We are also very proud of helping build many collections, some of which reached the highest levels in international shows.

It is with great sorrow that we remember the untimely demise of Zvi Aloni z.l.
Zvi died on September 10 2022, at the age of 74, after a short cancer illness.
He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends.
May he rest in peace.

This auction is highlighted by 2 Large Gold Medals  collections: Holyland Forerunners (incl. Colonies) part 2  and 1948 Doar Ivri.
Other specialties are well represented culminating with a fine section of banknotes.

With all good and sincere wishes,

Yacov Tsachor



Lot #: 336

2 German Passports (Reisepass) for 2 sisters Karoline & Charlotte Jellinek, both docs issued in Wien 3 Jan 1939 with large J and holder's photo, each w/Belgium visa granted 8 Marz 1939 & visa to the UK 6 Marz "Good for single journey".  Both sisters left Wien via Belgium 11 MARS entering the UK on 13 MAR 1939; vf (x2)

Start: $400 Sold For: $537
Lot #: 337

18 early Anti-Semitic ppcs mostly colored: 1906/1919 - 8 ppcs mailed in the USA, 2 are UDV, made by H.H., F.J. Haffner, H.B. - London, H.R.S., B.K.W., Bamforth & Co.; 1905/1919 - 4 ppcs mailed in the U.K. made by H.B.- London, Bamforth & Co., etc. + 1930 by Regent, 3 mint: "Le Juif Errant" - Societa Edit. Milano, Novotny & Bartosek & B.K.W.; Also a mint UDV ppc - A. Schaumberg Munchen depicting a barrel of beer w/a large Magen David, partly hand colored; f - vf (x18)

Start: $250 Sold For: $300
Lot #: 338

5 Camp items: a) Gross-Rosen 6/1943 Letter Sheet frank 12pf Hitler, inside  instructions in Red, censor cachets Simon types 3 & 4, to Tepliz; b) K.L. Herzog - enbusch Poststelle - 2 lines cachet as arrival 8/1943 parcel card ex Lisbon, filing holes; c) 5/1941 Russian parcel card to Samuel Friedman in S.S. Lager Lublin; d) 4/1942 Regist. cv Bern to Judenrat Litzmannstadt (stp off by censor) arrival pmk, certif Jung Johann, cv faults; e) 9/1940 Sachsenhausen postcard like Letter Sheet Simon t.10, to Prag frank 12pf Hitler; fine (x5) & scarce

[CV] [] [] [CARD]
Start: $240 Sold For: $280
Lot #: 339

K. L. Lublin - 14 II 1944 official thank-you-card from the KONZENTRATIONSLAGER WAFFEN SS LUBLIN to Lipsku, 12 GE imptd stp cancelled LUBLIN 15.2.44, on face 5 lines cachet: concentr. camp/postal receipt/ every 30 days... K. L. Lublin, 1 line Postprufer 1 censor; fine & Rare, Simon rated 950+

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