Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #42

Welcome to our 42nd Auction. The enclosed list of Prices Realized of our 41st Auction, held on November 26 2014, shows that it was a most successful sale with most areas selling well. There is a strong demand for good quality items.

We start this Auction with the 2 International Large Gold Collections:

ISRAEL 1948 – 1959 POSTAL HISTORY – 2nd part

1948 DOAR IVRI – 4th part


Of the many specialties offered, the following merit special attention:Turkish Forerunners, Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim & Besieged Cities, Israel Postage Dues, Israel First Day Covers, JNF issues, Anti-Semitism & Holocaust mail culminating with Coins & Banknotes. All the specialties are listed in the detailed Table of Contents.


Please FAX your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to include their FAX and telephone numbers and/or email addresses on their bid sheets. For the convenience of our clients in the Metropolitan New York area Dr. Arthur Groten is available to accept bids and consignments by phone 845-471-4179 or e-mail[email protected]


Consignments can also be submitted by Mr. Gary Theodore, office phone 732-229-5310, cell 732-996-0520 or e-mail [email protected],  Fax: 732-229-4805
With all good and sincere wishes,

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Lot #: 758

BALFOUR A.J. 9 November 1895 Official Paid hanstp on cv signed by Lord Balfour as First Lord of Treasury & Leader of the House of Commons, he later became the PM of the UK, London 9 NO pmk on back; vert centerfold & pieces of album black paper adhered to back, fine

[CV] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $160 Sold For: $200
Lot #: 759

BEN GURION DAVID full sign 1 page handwritten letter in Hebrew 11.9.1928 from Berlin to Warsaw, to Nachum Ben Arie, an emissary from the Kibbutz Movement to Poland & to Eliyahu Dubkin - the Secretary General of the "Chalutz" Movement in Warsaw, re: the situation of the Zionist Movement in Eastern Europe & the support they will give to the efforts made in Eretz Israel to unite the Chalutz & Ha'Shomer Ha'Tsair. Ben Gurion acted as the Secretary General of the Central Workers' Union (Histadrut). At the base of the page Ben Gurion comments that he just received the visa (to Poland - Y.T.) and he leaves the next day; folded, fine, an early BG document

[DOC] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $1,500 Sold For: $1,500
Lot #: 760

BEN GURION D. fully signed 2.5.55 handwrtitten 1 page letter to Moshe Sharet - "Prime Minister & Foreign Affairs Minister", private stationery Defense Minister added in manuscript at base (he served a short period only as Defense Minister - 21.2.1955 - 3.11.1955), re: "We should not over estimate the declarations of the British Foreign Office & the unilateral behavior of the USSR against us in the Security Council... the fate of every nation is determined by its sturdiness & will..."; 2 filing holes in margin, folded, vf & an important document (translation to English attached)

[DOC] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $1,000 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 761

GREENBERG URI ZVI - 1947 handwritten 1 page letter in Hebrew, signed,  addressed to Mrs Lees Mahler, re: his efforts to help publishing her poems in Hebrew + the original cover, addresses written by him; letter folded, f - vf

[DOC] [CV] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $120 Buy
Lot #: 762

Rabbis HERZOG HALEVI I. & UZIEL BEN ZION 1945 as Chief Rabbis of Eretz Israel full signatures in Hebrew on printed letter on the Chief Rabbinate bilingual stationery, re: the Shabbath observance in the Tel Aviv Port which will soon be opened for Immigrants; folded & filing holes at right, fine

[DOC] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $80 Sold For: $100
Lot #: 763

KOOK A.I - Chief Rabbi for Eretz Israel 1912/35 - 1924 printed letter signed in English on the Chief Rabbinate Hebrew stationery re: certificate confirming that Akiva Kerstein is a Rabbi, also signed by the secretary J. Baruch; folded, fine

[DOC] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $80 Sold For: $80
Lot #: 764

LASKOV HAIM - 1940's full sign in English w/his army rank LT on 1 full handwritten letter in Hebrew to Shulke -Shulamit, his wife, describing his whereabouts & also personal matters also signed in Hebrew "Yours Haim"; folded, f - vf

[DOC] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $100 Sold For: $100
Lot #: 765

MENUHIN YEHUDI full signed 18.6.1962 typed letter on his U.K. Bath stationery to Francois Schapira sending requested info about Gary Bertini, etc.; folded, vf

[DOC] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $140 Sold For: $170
Lot #: 766

RUBINSTEIN ARTHUR 4.10.1927 full signed dedication in French on photo 8x13½ cm to Mme Mendl, 4 lines handwritten about "... la haute culture et la grande beaute..."; vf & scarce as a very young artist

[PHOTO] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 767

SCHATZ BORIS - 2 items: a) 1925 handwritten letter in Hebrew on the Official Bezalel stationery, signed at bottom, letter regarding his bad financial situation after the War, addressed to Dr. Mordechai Ehrenpreis; b) 1930 Debit note for 26.5 Pounds made out to "Eretz Israel Printing House Jerusalem", signed by Boris Schatz & M. Narkiss; item a - w/filing holes at left, fine (x2)

[DOC] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $180 Buy

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