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P.O. Box 16218, Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL 
Phone: ++972-3-5226294   Fax: ++972-3-5245088 
e-mail: [email protected] 

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Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #52

Closing Date: June 6, 2023 - 8:00pm

I appoint the TEL AVIV STAMPS (Y. TSACHOR) LTD. to buy for me the following lots at the lowest possible price within my limits. 
I acknowledge the sale and delivery conditions in this sale as stated in the catalogue.  
My payment follows 7 days after receipt of invoice.


Lot No. Bid up to $
Lot No. Bid up to $
Lot No. Bid up to $


Full Name: _____________________________ 
Email: _________________________________ 
Address: _______________________________ 
Signature: ________________________ 
Tel: ______________________________ 
Date: _____________________________


(bids are to be made in U.S. dollars only) 
A commission of 19%, plus a handling fee of $2.00 per each lot, as well as postage, insurance and bank costs will be added to the purchase price. 
New customers are kindly requested to furnish bank or business references, including membership numbers of the Philatelic Associations to which the are affiliated.