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The major subjects included are: Holy Land Forerunners, Palestine, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Israel, Judaica & Zionism, Holocaust period, Medals, Coins & Bank notes


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The Ottoman  Posts & Telegraph Offices in Palestine & Sinai – N.J. Collins & Steichele (listed St. PM or PM)

Steichele – "Ottoman Post" (listed w/double Numbers)

Steichele – "Handbook of Holy Land Philately" Vols. I + II – revised by N.J. Collins & L. Dickstein

Other Foreign Offices are lotted under the title of their

Countries in the Foreign Countries section:

   Austria – #1/9

   France – #13/14

   Russia - #24/27  

Lot #: 35

THE PRE-PHILATELIC PERIOD: Haifa 29 OCT 1854 folded letter complete w/full text in Greek to Athens forwarded to Beyrouth by the Agent "AVIERINO CAIFFA" then by the Agent "NICOLAS ZIFFO & CO. BEYROUTH" both with oval cachets on back, the latter also dated the letter in manscpt "30 Oct 1854", then to the Lloyd their oval pmk on face "BERUTTI - AGENZIA DEL LLOYD AUSTRIACO"  (St. 500.2), marked "10" for Greek Leptas to pay the domestic fee on arrival. ATHENS 29 OCT 1854 arrival pmk (Greek Orthodox calendar - 12 days diff. from the Gregorian of Beyrouth); exceptional fine quality for this type of mail, Very Rare, ex Schaeffer, certif Tsachor - Aloni 

Start: $1,500 Buy
Lot #: 36

1868 St. Jean d'Acre to Malta - 2 pages folded letter from Acri by C. Avierino dated 23 July 1868 to Signori B. Tagliaferre & Figls in Malta, endorsed "Via Jaffa", on face "C. AVIERINO- St Jn D'ACRE & CAIFFA" oval bilingual cachet, inside recipient's note: "1867, C. Avierino, Acri, 3 Luglio,  Rec 23 D, Risp 27 D"; usual archive fold, f - vf

Start: $300 Sold For: $380
Lot #: 37

1868 St. Jean d'Acre to Malta - 1 page folded letter from Acri on C. Avierino's embossed stationery dated 23 February 1868 to Signori B. Tagliaferre & Figls in Malta,on face "C. AVIERINO- St Jn D'ACRE & CAIFFA" oval cachet, inside recipient's note: "1867, C. Avierino, Acri, 23 Febbrajo,  Rec 4 Maigo, Risp 16"; usual archive fold, f - vf

Start: $300 Sold For: $300
Lot #: 38

JEWISH COLONIES: 1909 Petah Tiqva 14 para local ("Oranges") top marginal bl. of 4; u/m, light gum bends, f-vf & scarce

Start: $200 Sold For: $230
Lot #: 39

Rarity: "Meir Shfeya" -  Satellite colony to Zichron Ya'acov founded 1891 -  ZICHRON YA'ACOV (St. 716) faint Hebrew 1 line cachet in Violet on 20pa Austrian Levant imptd Postcard originated at "Shfeya", processed via Zichron & Haifa, mailed to Dr. A. Ruppin  in  jaffa,   pmkd CAIFA OESTER... (St. 506) 28.10.11 arrival JAFFA OESTER... (St. 526) 30.10.11 pmk alongside, message in Hebrew written by Haim Dov Kantor (Mohel & Shohet) one of the first settlers of Meir Shfeia; 2 filing holes at bottom, f-vf & Extremely Rare, as this is the second pc recorded by us from this tiny Colony, certif. Muentz, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $2,000 Sold For: $3,000
Lot #: 40

1896 Forwarding Agent "MOISE JEDID LEVI - BEYROUTH" oval bilingual cachet on back of a cv originated at the Galilee Jewish communities (Safed or Tiberias) addr. to the rich Jewish community of Padova Italy, franked and posted at the Austrian Post in Beirut, on back 1 pi on 10 K Austrian Levant stp tied by pmk BEIRUT OSTERR.....96, forwarding agent's cachet & arrival pmk PADOVA 16.6.96; roughly opened at left o/w vf, seldom offered out going mail forwarded by "Jedid Levi" as most of the known mail is incoming to the Galilee   

Start: $600 Sold For: $600
Lot #: 41

THE TURKISH POST: CAIFA - (PM 4) full clear strike in Blue on 20 pa postal stationery card mailed to Germany, message in German dated Caifa 12.9.85 by the British Vice Consul, Turk. transit & German arrival pmks; vf for this difficult pmk, Collins: "7 items recorded"

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 42

HAIFA POSTA SHUBESI 1287 (PM 3) in Violet clear Negative Seal on 20 pa Turkish postal stationery card to Germany, message dated 30.1.1898, arrival pmk on front COBURG 1 - 8.2.98; few light peripheral wrinkles, f - vf & Rare, signed Nakri & Tsachor, certif Muentz

Start: $1,800 Buy
Lot #: 43

HAIFA POSTA SHUBESI 1287  (PM 3) in Violet clear Negative Seal on Nazareth - Gruss Aus ppc tying 20 pa Turkish stp, mailed to Austria c/o Thomas Cook & Sons travel Agency Wien their Haifa oval 9.5.98 cachet on front, transit ALEXANDRIA 12.V.98 & WIEN arrival pmks, short message dated 5.5.98; top left & bottom right light corner creases, f - vf & Rare, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $1,200 Buy
Lot #: 44

10.8.1902 registered double weight cv sent by "Augusto Parodi - Caifa" mailed to Hamburg, franked on back, 4 color Turkish franking - 10 stps: 4x5pa + 4x10pa + 20pa + 1pi total 3pi: 1pi basic rate + 1pi addit weight + 1pi Registration fee all tied by HAIFFA 10.8.902 pmk (PM 7), UPU R cachet #450 (RC 1) - this on front, Hamburg 20.8.02 arrival pmk on back; light peripheral creases, f - vf early regist. cv

Start: $400 Buy