Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #45

Welcome to our 45th auction.


The recorded prices achieved in our last July 2017 Sale prove the steady demand for better Holy Land items. You can view the Prices Realized on the website.

This auction can be viewed only at You can browse the catalogue or download it  (or any section) by PDF.

Many more images are included, these could not be shown in the hard copy – not distributed.

The major subjects included are: Holy Land Forerunners, Palestine, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Israel, Judaica & Zionism, Holocaust period, Medals, Coins & Bank notes


Please FAX or E-mail your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to include their FAX,  or E-mail &  telephone numbers and/or email addresses on their bid sheets. 


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Lot #: 154

ERETZ ISRAEL ESSAY - IMPERFORATE DOUBLE UNCUT PANE OF 2 SHEETLETS in Blue, Upper block of 4 w/wide spacing between the stps - type 3, lower block w/narrow spacing type 2a (see Rothman - Tsachor book p. 8), printed on Thin White paper w/full orig. gum u/m; vf Rarity, certif Tsachor, ex collection of A. Eylon late Director of Israel Govmnt Printing Press, Ba ED25 - $12,500

Start: $5,000 Sold For: $5,000
Lot #: 155

ERETZ ISRAEL 5m ESSAY - Imperforate Block of 4 in Green stp size 17¾ x 22mm, wide spacing between stps, letter press, Thin White paper; w/o gum, fine, Rare, Ba ED20IV - $3000, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $1,200 Sold For: $1,600
Lot #: 156

ERETZ ISRAEL 5m ESSAY - Rough Perforated right half of sheetlet in Green stp size 16½x20¾ mm, letter press, Thin White paper; w/o gum, fine & Rare, Ba ED20III, signed Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $800 Sold For: $800
Lot #: 157

ERETZ ISRAEL 5m ESSAY - Pin Perforate bottom marginal single in Blue stp size 16½ x 20¾ mm, letter press, Thin White paper; w/o gum, fine, Very Rare, like Ba ED21III, this type of perf is very seldom offered, see Rothman-Tsachor, certif. Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $450 Sold For: $520
Lot #: 158

250, 500 & 1000m (#7/9) PLATE  PROOFS in Black, printed on ungummed  NEWSPRINT, Imperforate Blocks of 4, only 1 sheet recorded from each of these 3 values on this type of paper; vf (x3), Very Rare, signed Muentz & certif Tsachor-Aloni, Ba ED30/32 - $6000

Start: $1,800 Sold For: $1,900
Lot #: 159

20m Imperforate Vertical pair printed on Yellowish Newspaper; horiz. fold, 1 of 5 pairs recorded on this paper, fine & Very Rare, Ba #ED34 - $1500, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $500 Sold For: $800
Lot #: 160

PLATE PROOFS in Black on ungummed White Glazed paper Imperforates: 3-50m (#1/6) left marginals Blocks of 12 (4x3) the largest multiple recorded; excellent condition (x6) sign & certif. Muentz

Start: $1,000 Buy
Lot #: 161

Plate Proofs in Black: 3-50m (#1/6) in Tabblocks of 4 on White ungummed glazed paper; vf (x6), Ba #ED 35/40 - $3500, signed Tsachor, certif. Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $1,000 Buy
Lot #: 162

Plate Proofs: 250, 500 & 1000m (#7/9) Imperforate Black Proofs in Blocks of 4 on White ungummed glazed paper; trace of hinge on back but printed w/o gum, vf (x3), signed Muentz, Ba ED41/43 - $3350, Rare multiples

Start: $800 Sold For: $1,250
Lot #: 163

IMPERFORATES: 5m Imperforate Tabblock of 4, Tab types 18 & 19, emanating from the only recorded imperf sheet of this grp. 61 #165643 plate 2; u/m, light toning, fine & Rare, Ba #2Imp $1750+

[**] [] [**,*]
Start: $600 Sold For: $600

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