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The major subjects included are: Holy Land Forerunners, Palestine, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Israel, Judaica & Zionism, Holocaust period, Medals, Coins & Bank notes


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(see also #130)

Lot #: 318

1948 Diplomatic Mail: cv frank D. Ivri stps 130m (2x#2 & 6x#5) for double weight, mailed to Georgia - USA return address; "...Navy Dept/ Wash. DC, required postage to be paid by adhesives of country of origin". Postmarked upon arrival WASHINGTON D.C. / AUG. 25 1948; folded away from stps, fine & early 

Start: $200 Sold For: $200


Lot #: 319

10.9.1948 Regist pc GIVAT HAYIM to HAIFA arrival same date, frank D. Ivri 3m vert strip of 5 & tab strip of 3 (types 1+1b+1) total of 24m (2m convenience overfrank); vf, of philatelic origin but a Rare mail from this small locality  

Start: $180 Sold For: $370
Lot #: 321

The Rarest of the Israeli POW mail; 1949 Israeli POW in Lebanon - stampless POW pc written in English from Joseph Sionoff in Beirouth dated 27.2.49 to TLV w/bilingual Lebanese RC committee for Lebanon & Syria cachet in Red also the Israeli Army Liaison to the RC Violet cachet in Hebrew all on face; f-vf & Rare as only 8 Israeli POWs were interned in Lebanon and very few items are recorded, certif Muentz

Start: $1,000 Sold For: $2,200
Lot #: 323

TAXED MAIL: 8 Rare 2nd P. Dues cvs: Return Delivery fee and/or Top of the Piles - 5 items: a) 8/1950 Jerus to St. Louis frank 10pr (Sc #19) Taxed 630pr! (#J10 + 12x #J11) Top of the Pile for 63 Returned P. Matter cvs; b) 10/1950 TLV local bank cv frank 5pr (Sc #18) Taxed 220pr (#J9 + 4x J11) for 44 Returned cvs;  c) 10/1950 TLV local bank cv frank 5pr (Sc #18) Taxed 5pr (#J7) Return fee; d) 2/1952 TLV firm's imptd 15pr pc Taxed 45pr (#J7 + 2x #J9) for Return fee of 3 such pcs; e) 1/1953 Haifa to Upper Galilee 15pr P. Matter pc Return Delivery fee paid by Rare Mixed Taxation of 10pr 2nd PD & 5pr 3rd PD (#J8 & J12!); also Compulsory Registered - 3 Incoming censored air cvs: a) 10/1950 Hong Kong to Jerus contained $6 Taxed 25pr (#J7 + J10); b) 6/1954 Los Angeles to Ben-Shemen regist in TLV 100pr (2x #J8 + J10 + J11) paid in Ben-Shemen; c) 10/1952 Michigan to Haifa frank 70c incl. A.R. fee (Advice of Receipt cachet!) manscpt regist in Haifa 60pr (2x #J10) - Rare A.R. + Comp. Regist; f - vf (x8) a valuable group

Start: $300 Sold For: $900
Lot #: 324

1950/1966 - 52 taxed cvs pcs incl: a) 1950/54 - 16 items 2nd PD: Mixed Tax 2x20pr 2nd & 4x40pr 3rd P. Dues - 12/1952, 3/1950 Compulsory Regist. in Jerusalem 5x5pr + 3 other Compulsory Regist. +  1953/58 - 21 items (mostly cvs) taxed 3rd P. Dues incl.: 2 cvs Mixed Taxed w/2nd P. Dues (priced as philatelic), 2 cvs Top of the Pile - 1 is 2500pr for 50 Returned cvs, 2 Reply pcs taxed, Tax Not Collected cachets, scarce "To Pay" cachets, customs fees paid by P. Due stps, etc.; also 1961/66 - 13 cvs/pcs taxed definitives & commemoratives incl. Top of the Pile frankings; f-vf (x52) valuable, many on the original exhibit pages

[PC] [] [] [CV]
Start: $400 Sold For: $1,300


Lot #: 320

24 November 1948 - Opening of Lydda Airport regist air mail cv franked 95m D. Ivri stps to the USA, tied by LYDDA AERODROME 24 11 1948 pmks, regist label TEL AVIV crossed out & LOD added in Hebrew manuscript, CSA (Czech Co.) "Best Wishes..." cachet for the Opening of Lydda on front, cv originated in TLV, 24.11.48 pmk on back forwarded to Lydda where it was registered & stps pmkd, arrival New York 5 & 6 Dec. 48 pmks, censored, vf & Rare, certif. Tsachor

Start: $500 Buy
Lot #: 322

Unusual: 11/1949 cv Dortmund - Germany to Kiryat-Bialik near Haifa frank German stp - this pencil crossed-out, cv found its way to the Israeli Delegation, accepted there, marked in Hebrew manscpt "Diplomatic Mail" (top left) & Israeli Foreign Office "arrival" cachet 8 NOV 1949 in Hakirya TLV. To ensure delivery it was Forced Registered in Hakirya Post Office 10 NOV 1949 & regist label affixed on face, Haifa 10.11.1949 transit & arrival 11.11.1949 pmks; f - vf Unrecorded procedure

Start: $400 Buy