Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #45

Welcome to our 45th auction.


The recorded prices achieved in our last July 2017 Sale prove the steady demand for better Holy Land items. You can view the Prices Realized on the website.

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Many more images are included, these could not be shown in the hard copy – not distributed.

The major subjects included are: Holy Land Forerunners, Palestine, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Israel, Judaica & Zionism, Holocaust period, Medals, Coins & Bank notes


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Lot #: 351

SHERTOK  MOSHE (later Sharet) sign. MOSHE 5 pages handwritten letter 22.6.22 in Hebrew from London to "Dovik" (probably Dov Hoz) in Eretz Israel. Re: a) The defeat in the British Parliament (restrictions of Aliyah) although the pro-Zionists were headed by Lord Balfour, meetings w/Chaim (Weizmann) & British politicians, etc.; b) "Jabo" (Z. Jabotinsky - at that period the head of the Eretz Zion. Comm. Foreign Dept.) meeting w/him, his failure to collect funds in the USA, etc.; c) Other activities that have to be done in Eretz in order to strengthen the arguments for Aliyah, etc.; lightly folded, 2 filing holes, fine important & historic letter   

Start: $380 Sold For: $460
Lot #: 352

14 vintage photos Eretz Views - 5 by Walter Zadek (1 is 24x18 cm, others appx. 12x18 cm) 2 bear his studio's cachet others signed by his wife; 3 by K. Triest w/his cachet appx. 12x18 cm; 3 by the Jewish Agency w/cachet, incl British soldiers forcing women immigrants to ship going to Cyprus, 18x24 & 12x18 cm; 3 others appx. 12x18 cm - 1 depicting 1934 Tel Aviv's Guard Battalion; vf (x14) 

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 353

1930/40's 50 photos original old reproductions from sources like the Museum of MC New York, Beth Hatefutsot & others, sizes incl. 17x11cm, 24x15cm, 25x20cm, etc. Subjects incl.: Holocaust Ghetto scenes, U.S. Army in Germany, immigrants in Ellis Island, British soldier maltreating an immigrant in Haifa Port, Ben Gurion in Belsen Camp, Maccabi Sports, Franz Kafka & more; fine (x50)

Start: $380 Sold For: $380
Lot #: 354

1956 Ha'Movil Ha'Artzi (The National Water Carrier) - the main artery of Israel's water system, Inauguration Photos Album depicting the stages of the construction, 30 original vintage photos mostly 15x12.5 cm each stuck onto album page 30x23cm, captions in Hebrew, leather like original hard covers; f-vf

Start: $150 Buy

PICTURE POSTCARDS (all periods + New Year cards)

Lot #: 355

Synagogues - 53 ppcs Hungary + Czech also some German, 13 UDV - 3 mint & 40 regular - 32 used + 8 mint, all pre WWII, many early mailed 1899 - 1928, very little duplication this mainly diff editions of the same photo, many collective views. Ppcs incl. Kesckemet, Plzen, Udvozlet Gyorgol, Nagyvarad, Pecs, Debrecen, etc.; f - vf (x53)

Start: $180 Sold For: $380
Lot #: 356

1906/1930's - 130  Eretz Israel ppcs  generally mint, colored & B/W,  incl.: 40 ppcs British Official Photographs WW I; 26 Eretz views by Ordmann; 20 Jewish Settlements by Palestine Modern (Ruhimovitch) & many more; f-vf (x130) a great opportunity  

Start: $180 Sold For: $685
Lot #: 357

2 sets of Eretz views: a) "Societe Vigneronne de Grandes Caves de Richon le Zion et Zicron Jacob" set of 12 of which 10 are RLZ views, also incl. the colored front cover of the booklet; b) Jerusalem 20 views by J. Bendov serie I booklet of 20 (2 ppc missing); c) 1940 Calendar card of the 20th century by the Rishon & Zicron Wineries, kinetic w/a rotating cardboard disk; f-vf (x32)

Start: $220 Buy
Lot #: 358

520 Holy Land & Eretz Israel ppc 1900/1930's generally mint, few used, Color & B/W, few Undivided ppc incl: Eliyahu Bros., Palphot, Jamal Bros., S. Adler, JNF, Beagels, Benor Kalter, P. Steiner, Sion Verlag, Terezis & many more; f-vf (x520) a great opportunity  

Start: $380 Sold For: $1,030
Lot #: 359

Jewish Brigade 1944/49 - 3 New Year Greeting Cards: a) 1945 - 468 Pal. COY RASC. (filing hole); b) 1945 D. COY 3rd Jewish BN PAL. REG M.E.F.; c) 1945 - invitation to a ceremony commemorating 4 years of the 4th warehouse Bn; d) 1949 - IDF New Year card Canon Corp.; f-vf (x4)

Start: $150 Buy
Lot #: 360

1900/40's - 88 New Year Greeting Cards - many printed in Germany for use in the USA, multi-colored mostly mint few used incl.: Verlag Central, Williamsburg Art Co; Resnik Warschau, Gisson Art Co, Jehudia Warschau & more; f - vf (x88)

Start: $250 Sold For: $705