Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #48

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 48th auction. After postponing it from May 2020 we
received many requests to hold it as soon as possible. We hope that the current
sale will arouse the ususl interest and attention.
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Many more images are shown on the website, these could not be included in
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While most specialties are represented some merit special attention, few of
which are: Turkish Forerunners, E.E.F. Mail, Palestine Stamps, 1948
Interim, Doar Ivri, 1 st P. Dues, 1948 1 st Festivals, 1950 Air-Mails &
Judaica – Revisionist Movement.
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PALESTINE: AIR MAILS (incl. Zeppelin & Crashes)

Lot #: 163

1929 ORIENTFAHRT - ppc (Graf Zeppelin LZ127) frank Eagle 1RM  tied by Bordpost pmk LUFTSCHIFF... 25.3.1929, Flight Cachet in Red "LUFTSCHIFF GRAF ZEPPELIN /  ORIENTFAHRT 1929" type II & ER RAMLE 26 MR Drop pmk, addressed to Stuttgart, franked (to ensure delivery) 6m Mandate stps (3x2m, #90) tied by ER RAMLE 26 MR 29 pmk; vf

Start: $180 Sold For: $420
Lot #: 164

1934 9th South America Flight - 13 SP 34 Registered printed matter cv Jerusalem to Recife - Pernambuco properly franked 28m (SG #108 & 107), endorsed: "By Airmail to London / Zeppelin  Germany - Recife ", Printed Matter "By Zeppelin",  STUTTGART 22.9.34 & FRIEDRICHSHAFEN 29 9 34 pmks, DEUTSCHE LUFTPOST cachet type b, also VIA ZEPPELIN label, PERNAMBUCO 3 X 34 arrival pmk; address lightly faded f-vf, Si 277 - €1250

Start: $400 Sold For: $400
Lot #: 165

1935  5th South America Flight - 28 MY 35 Registered printed matter cv Jerusalem to Recife - Pernambuco properly franked 28m (SG #105, 106 & 107), endorsed: "By Airmail to London only by airship Graf Zeppelin ", Printed Matter, DEUTSCHE LUFTPOST cachet type a, also VIA ZEPPELIN label, PERNAMBUCO 12 VI 35 arrival pmk; vf, Si 302 - €1500

Start: $400 Sold For: $725
Lot #: 166

1927 Imperial Airways Special Flight - Cairo - Gaza - Baghdad - Karachi 1st Palestine mail for Iraq & India. American Express Co. Jerus. imptd. stationery cv frank 26m (SG #79x2) - 13m letter rate + 13m airmail fee, pmkd meter Jerusalem 3 APR 1927. Newall p. 277: "a special mail carrying flight on this route stopped exceptionally at Gaza on 5 April 1927.... only 3 letters for Karachi left in the Gaza Post Office...", Baghdad 7 APR transit & arrival Karachi DRIGH ROAD 15 APR 27, Redirected to Airstrip Base;folded not thru stps, f-vf & Rare, Newall #27.11Ab rated RR

Start: $500 Sold For: $1,500
Lot #: 167

Palestine - 3 Air Crashes - 4 cvs: a) Scipio 8/1936 frank. 15m (SG #108) cv to Danzig w/type-written label Nierinck 360822m; b) Scipio, same franking to Berlin 3 lines German cachet, 360822x; c) Courtier 10/1937, frank 20m (4x #93) to Amsterdam, French cachets & stickers on back, 371001b; d) Cygnus 12/1937 frank 14m (2x #105) box cachet "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER", cv to London, 371205b, certif Muentz; good lot (x4)  

Start: $250 Sold For: $320
Lot #: 168

17/12/1940 Air mail cv TLV to Chicago, small size 13x11cm frank 1125m: 5+20+100+5x200m (SG #93+99+102+5x103) for 9x125m rate for each 5gr, endorsed by hand "CLIPPER", British censor seal & "Passed by US Customs Bureau Chicago P.O." cachet on face; top right corner small nick (stp intact), vf, carried by Pan-Am via Pacific, scarce

Start: $300 Sold For: $800

PALESTINE: POSTAL HISTORY (Incl. PRs, Overland, Maritime, Pmks & Taxed Mail)

Lot #: 169

Provis. Regist. Env.: SURAFEND (D3 - G) 17 MY 22 (Earliest Date) 3 vf pmks tying 3pi & 5m franking London I: 2+3m & 1+2pi (SG #61/2 + 65/6) to PR1 - Provisional Regist. Envelope #1 mailed to Dublin, Haifa - Kantara TPO South & London 25 MY 22 transit pmks on back; folded away from the stps, a fine Rare 4 color comb. of a seldom-seen pmk & PR1

Start: $350 Sold For: $350
Lot #: 170

PR7 - Provisional Regist. Envelope frank 15m domestic rate (mix SG #65 & 75) tied by pmk BEISAN 5 JA 27 Haifa transit & Jerusalem arrival pmks; vf

Start: $180 Sold For: $180
Lot #: 171

New Zealand - PR8: Jerusalem to Dunedin 11 MR 26, frank 2x2pi (vert. pair SG #81): 13m basic rate + 13m regist. + 2x7m for 2x addit. weight (41gr noted on back) total 40m = 4pi, PORT SAID 15 III 26 transit pmk & Douane label on back; a vf Scarce triple rate to a Rare destination

Start: $300 Sold For: $575
Lot #: 172

OVERLAND MAIL: - The Earliest Recorded cv from Palestine: 26 OCT 23 Jerusalem Registered cv to the US Consulate in Bagdad endorsed on face "By Overland Mail Haifa Bagdad", Haifa 27 OC 23 transit & arrival pmks BAGDAD 5 NOV 23, franked 79m (3x#79 + 2x#81): 13m basic rate + 13m registration + 13m overland fee + 2x7m addit. double-weight + 2x13m for 2x addit. weight overland fee - a triple weight reg. cv; roughly opened top, fine & a Rare milestone in Palestine Postal History, certif Tsachor-Aloni 

Start: $750 Sold For: $1,100