Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #48

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 48th auction. After postponing it from May 2020 we
received many requests to hold it as soon as possible. We hope that the current
sale will arouse the ususl interest and attention.
This auction can be viewed only at You can browse the
catalogue or download any section by PDF.
Many more images are shown on the website, these could not be included in
the hard copy.
While most specialties are represented some merit special attention, few of
which are: Turkish Forerunners, E.E.F. Mail, Palestine Stamps, 1948
Interim, Doar Ivri, 1 st P. Dues, 1948 1 st Festivals, 1950 Air-Mails &
Judaica – Revisionist Movement.
Please FAX or E-mail your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to
include their FAX, or E-mail & telephone numbers and/or email addresses
on their bid sheets.
With all good and sincere wishes,



Lot #: 227

29 April 48 commerc printed-matter cv franked 3m Mandate stp (#91) tied by Tel Aviv d.c. pmk to cv addressed to the president of the Local Council in Nahariya, 10m Yellow Delivery label tied by Nahariya M. Ha'am pmk; vf & scarce printed-matter incoming mail to Nahariya, certif Tsachor

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 228

Commerc regist cv TLV to Nahariya properly frank 4 M. Ha'am stps total 26m (1m convenience overfrank) tied by M. Ha'am pmks in Violet, 10m delivery Yellow label tied upon arrival by M. Ha'am pmk in Black; vf, signed Tsachor-Aloni, regist cv is scarce

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 229

Local Souvenir Sheet Essay - Imperf sheet only 10m & 50m stps printed in Green & Blue,(20m stp missing)  all inscriptions printed in Blue as in the issued sheets, printed on the Yellowish gummed paper; u/m, light bottom left corner bend, few gum faults, f-vf, Bale - Unpriced, certif Tsachor

Start: $200 Sold For: $240
Lot #: 230

 20m Emergency Post Imperf Proof on Yellow gummed paper final adopted design, full sheet only left side printed; light vertical fold at left margin & trace of hinge at top margin - the proof is u/m, f-vf & Rare

Start: $200 Sold For: $200


Lot #: 231

23 APR 1948 vf Dispatch pmk tying 40pr pos.1 Commerc cv sent by Aliza Stern in RLZ to a grocery in Ha'Kalir st. TLV, same day arr pmk; vf & Rare

Start: $400 Sold For: $850
Lot #: 232

RLZ 26 APR 1948 fine  Dispatch pmk tying 40pr pos.1 to  Commerc cv sent to the Building Syndicate in TLV, same day arr pmk, + 2 cvs to the same address; light toning, horiz fold, f-vf & scarce

Start: $300 Sold For: $675
Lot #: 233

RLZ 3 MAY 1948 fine  Dispatch pmk tying local 40pr pos.1 to  Commerc cv sent by the Brenitzki & Hilel Orange Growers RLZ 4 MAY arr pmk; vf & scarce

Start: $300 Sold For: $725
Lot #: 234

TEL AVIV 22 AP 48 vf Dispatch Mandate pmk tying 40m RLZ Armored Car stp pos.5 to Commerc cv sent to Abraham Milshtein in Yad Eliyahu, discharged soldiers neighborhood TLV, very unusual treatment of the Mandate Post in TLV; cv folded & tatty, fine & Rare tolerated franking

Start: $500 Sold For: $2,500

1948 SAFED

Lot #: 235

Whiskey Mail - Cv sent from Safed (Central Hotel Safad) under siege, franked 10 mil Mandate stamp (SG #97) posted in Rosh Pinna, cancelled by ROSH  PINNA 5 AP 48 Mandate postmark. Cvs to & from Safed at that time (29 Feb - 16 April 48) were addressed or posted in Rosh Pinna and were transferred to/from Safed by British soldiers who were paid in whiskey for the delivery; roughly opened at top, light scattered spots, vert. centerfold, f-vf & Rare, see JSPS p. 324, certif. Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $600 Sold For: $5,513
Lot #: 236

10m local Imperforate top marginal unused single, huge top margin, Sett I type 3; vf & Rare, Ba #124d - $1600++, signed Hoexter & Tsachor

Start: $300 Buy