Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #48

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 48th auction. After postponing it from May 2020 we
received many requests to hold it as soon as possible. We hope that the current
sale will arouse the ususl interest and attention.
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catalogue or download any section by PDF.
Many more images are shown on the website, these could not be included in
the hard copy.
While most specialties are represented some merit special attention, few of
which are: Turkish Forerunners, E.E.F. Mail, Palestine Stamps, 1948
Interim, Doar Ivri, 1 st P. Dues, 1948 1 st Festivals, 1950 Air-Mails &
Judaica – Revisionist Movement.
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JUDAICA (Incl. Books, all Periods)

Lot #: 435

NORDAU MAX full sign philosophical dedication in English on front page of H. Ibsen's play "PEER GYNT" 1896 Copenhagen, Gyldendalske edition, Danish, 263 pages, original hardcovers, 12x18 cm; f-vf 

Start: $120 Buy
Lot #: 436

Einstein Albert 1923 translation to YIDDISH of his Theories of Relativity: "Spetsyele un algemeyne relyativitets teorye", Yiddish translation by K. Guntnboym, E. Gitlin edition Warsaw, 14x21 cm, 109 pages, additional calligraphic title w/small vignette of Einstein, 13 figs w/graphs & formulas; hardcovers changed, all inner leaves vf & Rare, sold in 2019 by Christie's for $1450 

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 437

1926 A. Soskin's "Album of Tel Aviv Views" with 70 photographs of Tel Aviv, from the "Meeting founding Tel Aviv" 1908. The album ends w/2 maps - one of Tel Aviv when it was founded and the other of Tel Aviv in 1926. Introduction and titles in 3 languages - Hebrew, English and German. Dedicated by Mayor D. Bloch (in manuscript dated 20 X 1926) to "Anna Max Nordau" (Nordau's daughter) who came to Tel Aviv on the occasion of Nordau's reburial, 23x17 cm original hardcovers, printed in Berlin; defects to outer covers, all inner leaves f-vf 

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 438

1925/61 Scout Movement in Eretz & Europe - 90 items incl. bulletins 1937 & 1945, donation receipts, 10 docs relating to the Scouts' activities, 3 photos of Jewish Scouts from Latvia 1925, docs of Jew. Scouts from Germany 1930, Poland 1933 & Romania; f - vf (x90)

[**] [] [] [] [] [] [PHOTO] [] [] [] [] [DOC]
Start: $140 Sold For: $140
Lot #: 439

Birobidjan - 42 mint B&W photo ppcs printed in Moscow Government propaganda depicting the Jewish life in the Jewish Autonomous Region established in 1934 w/the Yiddish as the official language. The project was stopped during WWII. Ppcs are 14½x10½ cm & included are 42 diff. between nos. 1 - 49. Part of the scenes depicted are: Jewish types, dwellings, youth activities, farming, fishing, Journals in Yiddish, tents erecting, women working, building houses, etc.; mostly vf, few w/light toning, Very Rare & 1st time offered by us

Start: $1,400 Buy
Lot #: 440

Jewish Brigade WWII - 27 items by the Yishuv in Eretz Israel, incl.: 4 illustrated receipts 1944/5, 3 diff. imprinted letter sheets, 4 colored tags, 4 small illustrated receipts for soldiers' children kindergartens, 4 labels for "a book in Hebrew for the soldiers", etc.; f-vf (x27 items) 

[**] [*] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [DOC]
Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 441

REVISIONISTS: 1922 Jabotinsky Ze'ev honorary membership card (with photo) in "GRUPPO SIONISTICO ROMANO" (Italian Zionist Group), Magen David w/Zion in Hebrew, issued in "ROMA Rosc Hodec Av 5682" (1st day of Av 5682 - 26 July 1922, Y.T.), signed by the president & by Jabotinsky Z. in Hebrew; 2 corners w/folds & other small faults, f-vf & Rare item

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 442

JABOTINSKY ZEEV full sign in Hebrew on 1929 Yehuda Insurance Co. receipt head office in Jerusalem (he was a partner);vf

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 443

Trumpeldor 32 items incl. 11 diff labels & tags: 1933 for his 13th-year memorial label - Polish (Rare), Brith Trumpeldor Czech. - Herzl, Jabotinsky & Trumpeldor's label + 1925 Latvia block of 15 labels & 1 used on PC in 1925! tied by the pmk. Also 1933 Polish Brith Trumpeldor stationery cv, 1936 & 1938 invitations to memorial TLV ceremonies, 1933 Polish label in Brown on doc., Brith Trumpeldor - Serbia 1932 receipt w/Beitar label, etc.; a fine (x32 items) Rare offer  

[**] [*] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [PC] [] [DOC]
Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 444

Keren Tel-Hay cpl Unsplit Printer's sheet of 40 labels, all margins, in Brown-Red, intended for 4 booklet panes of 10 labels each: The Rambam, Beitar Fortress, Conquest of the sea & the ship "Sara"; orig. gum, u/m, few splits, f - vf (x40)

Start: $200 Buy