Lot #42 - 1948 JERUSALEM (incl. local issues, Menorah Club, Old City, Privileged Air Mail, Couriers, etc.)

2 Printed-Matter items each franked 3m D. Ivri: a) Jerus University Library pc to Kibbutz Ma'abarot by TLV, stp tied by vf "Egg" pmk 23 JUNE 1948, erroneously arrived in Bat Yam 25 JU 48 pmk on face, Redirected to the Kibbutz, Ma'abarot underlined; b) Newspaper Wrapper to Kibbutz Tirat Tsvi stp tied by large part "Egg" pmk 30 JUNE (1948); scattered light spots o/w vf (x2) & v. scarce

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 20:00

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