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1948 JERUSALEM (incl. local issues, Flown, Couriers, Pmks, etc.)

Lot #: 21

MENORA CLUB - the M. Ha'am type - cv addr to Tel Aviv, vf Menora Club Violet cachet w/hand inscription in pencil "from a soldier", JNF map label alongside tied by M. Ha'am TLV pmk struck upon arrival; small tear at bottom left corner o/w vf & Very Rare Flown Siege mail during M. Ha'am period 2 - 14 MAY 1948 - these are the Rarest type of the Menora cvs, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni

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Start: $2,200 Sold For: $3,675
Lot #: 22

FLOWN PRIVILEGED CIVILIAN MAIL from Jerus addr to Petah Tiqva franked 10m (2x5m) 1st local issue stps tied upon arr in TLV by APO #3 - DATELESS Military pmks (in use 22-27 May), back shows a superb strike of the Rare boxed cachet: "Commander of the Air Service Brigade" in Violet - authorizing the delivery by air; vert centerfold o/w vf, Very Rare as 6 cvs known to us, see JSPS p. 148, signed Tsachor, certif Tsachor - Aloni

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Start: $3,000 Sold For: $3,255
Lot #: 23

RARE: Double Addressed Courier cv from Kibbutz Qiryat Anavim by Jerus addressed at top to: "Yacov Schechter, TLV, Central Bus Station, 2nd floor room #5" & in the center to a TLV family, cv brought by the courier to the above address which served as a forwarding address for soldiers' mail in the Jerus front, then the cv was posted in TLV, franked 10m JNF Unovptd label not valid for postage still accepted & pmkd FD 16.5.1948 TEL-AVIV, the 1st address at the top crossed out in Blue ink, boxed National Loan cachet applied by the TLV sorting office. Sender's Return address w/instructions: "Central Bus Station... for Arie Katz... Qiryat Anavim"; light vert centerfold, f - vf SHOWPIECE, illust. in JSPS p. 165, signed Tsachor

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Start: $1,500 Sold For: $1,500
Lot #: 24

"Forwarding Agent" for mail to Jerusalem - stampless OAS cv Flown to TLV cancelled upon arrival APO BASE A 1.6.48, return address: "Moriah 4th company Jerusalem, Sa'ad, the Yishuv Committee for the enlisted, Hadar House, Tel Aviv" - a forwarding address for mail to besieged Jerusalem, the cv is a "Deutsche Konsulat" stationery used by a soldier; f - vf & Rare, illust. in JSPS p. 163, signed Tsachor

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Start: $1,500 Buy
Lot #: 25

FLOWN & COURIER MAIL: Ha'aretz Newspaper Flown large cv 25x17½cms containing articles & reports authorized for air mail delivery as bringing news from the besieged city, large Military cachet M.K. - J.M. 8 May 48 (Jerus Milit. Communication Center) very early date, upon arrival a M. Ha'am 10m stp was pmkd trilingual FD TEL-AVIV 16.5.1948; folded due to size & other small faults, a fine Very Early Siege privileged mail cv, illust. in JSPS p. 149

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Start: $1,400 Sold For: $1,700
Lot #: 26

Flown civilian cv from Jerusalem to TLV franked 10m 2nd local issue tied upon arr in TLV by APO BASE A Dateless pmk (in use 22 - 27 MAY) repeated on back & APO BASE A 3 VI 48 pmks tying the stp; cv cleaned, fine siege mail

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Start: $400 Sold For: $605
Lot #: 27

Flown cv from Besieged Jerusalem - franked 10m 2nd local issue, addr to TLV, cancelled upon arrival in TLV by Military pmk of APO BASE A - 15.6.48 struck on the cv not tying the stp as per regulations; cv cleaned & shortened at left, fine

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Start: $300 Sold For: $370
Lot #: 28

Jewish Agency Flown mail - their stationery cv franked 10m 1st local issue Flown to TLV by Army plane cancelled upon arrival APO #3 - 18.VI.48 pmk tying the stp, the Jewish Agency had official status and as such the mail was flown from Jerusalem, this cv is addr to the TLV municipality; shortened at left 1cm & light toning, fine, very seldom seen stationery, illust. in JSPS p. 145

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Start: $1,200 Buy
Lot #: 29

Early Courier cv from the Japhet Bank Jerus to TLV mailed there by the Courier UNFRANKED so marked box "To Pay 20 Mils" & Taxed 2x10m (Ba 2x12) Weizmann M. Ha'am stps used as Postage Dues cancelled by the large TLV Mandate "T"; bottom stp fault at right, light toning & roughly opened, fine & a Rare taxed commerc cv illust. in JSPS p. 174

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Start: $500 Sold For: $725
Lot #: 30

Courier cv to TLV franked 10m 2nd local issue commerc firm corresp. between 2 branches, posted by the courier in RISHON LE ZION, Mandate d.c. reintroduced pmk dated 15 JU 48 alongside, stp not accepted in RLZ & boxed cachet "To Pay 20 Mils" applied, Redirected to TLV where the stp was accepted & tax not collected; light vert centerfold, roughly opened top, fine, illust. in JSPS p. 171

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Start: $600 Sold For: $1,400