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Lot #: 791

1920/30's Palestine lapel pin "Daber Ivrit N.S" (Speak Hebrew), 1x1.5cm; f - vf, seldom offered

Start: $70 Buy


Lot #: 792

1845 - "Les Liberaux Belges - Eugene Sue" - "Le Juif Errant 1844" (The Wandering Jew), Bronze medal, 53mm diam., French physician later a novelist. The book shows resemblance between Sue's version of the global Jesuit Plot & the later Protocols of Zion; vf Anti-Semitic medal

Start: $80 Sold For: $160
Lot #: 793

1884 - Moses Montefiore - Medal commemorating his 100th anniversary - the obverse shows Montefiore facing right & Hebrew inscription, the reverse is in English "A Universal Tribute of Respect & Esteem to Sir Moses Montefiore... 27th October 1884", White metal 41mm diam., made by Loewenstank, London; Fine

Start: $380 Buy
Lot #: 794

Dreyfus Affair - 1906 General Mercier (Auguste) "Justicier du traitre Dreyfus" (the judge of the traitor Dreyfus) Bronze medal 4.8cm diam., his portrait on face & Anti-Semitic citations by him in French on back, by Boffier; VF

Start: $80 Buy
Lot #: 795

2 Rabbi Military Hat Badges, both w/Magen David: a) British 1915 - 1940, 40x50 mm appx; b) Australian WWII, 30x37mm appx; vf (x2)

Start: $80 Sold For: $80
Lot #: 796

Contribution - Fund raising Token, New York - Yeshivah Rabbi Akibah Eiger - 9-11 Montegomery St., face showing 2 children & inscription "Help us Carry On", back depicting the Yeshivah building & "Let this token be an ever pleasant reminder to you" , copper, 32mm diam.; fine

Start: $100 Buy
Lot #: 797

4 Jewish charity tokens - 3 are New York: a) East Side Kitchen, 10 Command. on back, 25mm diam,; b+c) 2 diff. Rabbi Akiva Eiger Yeshiva, each 33mm diam.; d) Buenos Aires (?) text in Spanish 1921 "Ezra" Hospital w/Magen David on back & building's view on face, pendant, 25x30mm diam.; b+c - fine, a+d - vf

Start: $160 Sold For: $180
Lot #: 798

SPORT: 1920/30's - Austria - 5 plaques & medals granted on behalf of Jewish Sports clubs, 4 by "HAKOACH Vienna" & 1 by Jewish sport club in Zagreb 1922 for 1st place 200m race, sizes from 25x32mm to 45x70mm; f - vf (x5)

Start: $180 Sold For: $260
Lot #: 799

1920/30's - Austria - 5 plaques & medals granted on behalf of Jewish sports clubs, 4 are by "HAKOACH Vienna", 3 are 40x52mm depicting sportsmen holding laureats, 2 smaller size, 4 w/large H in center of Star of David; f - vf (x5)

Start: $180 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 800

1938 The Netherlands medal for Jewish Old Age Home, Bronze, 60mm on 71.5mm octagonal paperweight base. Wings & JI (Joodse Invaliden) over a large Star of David & an elderly patient on repose. Vredige Levensavond (Peaceful Evening of Life) in plate on face. 100 Bronze were struck by Koningklijke Begeer, Utrecht, Feltback, Olive patina; vf & splendid

Start: $150 Buy