Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #42

Welcome to our 42nd Auction. The enclosed list of Prices Realized of our 41st Auction, held on November 26 2014, shows that it was a most successful sale with most areas selling well. There is a strong demand for good quality items.

We start this Auction with the 2 International Large Gold Collections:

ISRAEL 1948 – 1959 POSTAL HISTORY – 2nd part

1948 DOAR IVRI – 4th part


Of the many specialties offered, the following merit special attention:Turkish Forerunners, Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim & Besieged Cities, Israel Postage Dues, Israel First Day Covers, JNF issues, Anti-Semitism & Holocaust mail culminating with Coins & Banknotes. All the specialties are listed in the detailed Table of Contents.


Please FAX your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to include their FAX and telephone numbers and/or email addresses on their bid sheets. For the convenience of our clients in the Metropolitan New York area Dr. Arthur Groten is available to accept bids and consignments by phone 845-471-4179 or e-mail[email protected]


Consignments can also be submitted by Mr. Gary Theodore, office phone 732-229-5310, cell 732-996-0520 or e-mail [email protected],  Fax: 732-229-4805
With all good and sincere wishes,

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Lot #: 89

YOKNEAM regist #0381 commerc cv to a TLV Bank frank D. Ivri stps 26m (2x3m + 20m, 1m convenience overfranked), tied by 2 d.c. 27 MY 48 reintroduced Mandate pmks repeated on back, TLV arrival same day + Nat. Loan cachet applied in TLV; light perf toning, top horiz fold thru stps, fine & scarce

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Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 90

KARKUR 15 JU 48 - 3 vf pmks tying total of D. Ivri 22m (4x3m + 10m) to cv to Zichron Ya'aqov Bank, a Rare Triple domestic letter rate: 10m + 2x6m for 2x addit weight; reinforced small margin tear at top right o/w vf, signed Tsachor - Aloni

[CV] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $150 Sold For: $370
Lot #: 91

Rarity: Private soldier commerc registered Printed-Matter cv franked 20m D. Ivri (2x10m, #3) tied Against Regulations by Military APO #9 11.IV.49 pmk, Unit #210 cachet at top left & regist label of APO No. 9 - #43 at top right, rate: 1st 50gr - free of charge for soldiers + 5m addit 50gr + 15m registration fee (Army Post did not raise the registry fee to 25m on 1.10.1948, it was left 15m for soldiers - see Kanner & Spiegel), cv addr to Jerusalem, TLV transit pmk 11.4.49 & Jerusalem arr pmk 12.4.49; vert centerfold & scattered light spots, fine & 1st time this rate is offered by us, signed Tsachor - Aloni

[CV] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $2,000 Sold For: $3,150
Lot #: 92

Contrary to Regulations: 9/1948 cv to a woman soldier frank 12m - D. Ivri 4x3m (convenience 2m overfrank) these cancelled Against Regulations by Military Unit triangular cachets of KBA 163 & 315 (as missed postmarking by the civilian Post upon dispatch), as soldier was wounded cv was Redirected also to Hospital No. 10 (note on face), showing pmks of APO #3, 4 & 15 on 14, 21 & 29.9.48 respectively; roughly opened top & top back flap off but showing all pmks, light soiling, fine & Very Rare

[CV] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $750 Sold For: $750
Lot #: 93

Rarity: Returned Printed-Matter - big size cv 25x18cm sent from TLV medical firm to a MD in Kfar Warburg containing X-Rays P. Matter by regulations, franked 6m       D. Ivri (2x3m) 3m P. Matter rate + 3m addit weight of 50gr, tied by TEL AVIV 5.8.1948 pmk, as addressee was deceased (manuscpt on front & back) cv was subject for Return Delivery fee of 6 mils, notation at left, taxed 6 mils 1st        P. Due (2x #J1) tied by TEL AVIV 16.8.48 pmk; few folds away from the stps & pmks, 1 of the 3m D. Ivri stps w/corner fault, fine & Extremely Rare rate comb., signed Tsachor - Aloni (the Return Delivery fee of items frank less than 10m was equal to the initial franking)

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Start: $1,500 Sold For: $2,600
Lot #: 94

FOREIGN MAIL: 9/1948 ca. New Year greeting card cv  TLV to Denmark properly frank 5m for surface Printed-Matter rate (flap unsealed) pmkd Contrary to Regulations by TLV Triangular pmk used to cancel bulk domestic mail during the High Holidays, Kopenhagen arr pmk on front 8.11.48. Mail destined abroad had to be cancelled by the trilingual dated pmk; vf & very scarce w/arr pmk

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Start: $300 Sold For: $525
Lot #: 95

1.12.1948 air mail commerc censored cv Jerusalem to Prag franked 140m D. Ivri stps: 2x20m (#5) + 2x50m w/Tabs (#6) to pay the quadruple air mail rate of 35m to Europe; vf, signed Tsachor - Aloni

[CV] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $180 Sold For: $180
Lot #: 96

4/1949 air mail commerc cv Jerusalem to Melbourne franked 160m D. Ivri: 10m (#3) + 3x50m (#6) incl. pair w/Tabs on Grey paper paying the air mail rate to Australia; centerfold away from stps, back flap off,  fine, signed Tsachor

[CV] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $160 Sold For: $160
Lot #: 97

Doar Ivri stp used as Postage Due - 24 MY 48 commerc cv Herzliya to Petah Tiqva franked 10m M. Ha'am stp (Ba #7c) demonetized as of 23.5.48, charged in manuscpt "To Pay 20m", taxed upon arr D. Ivri 20m stp (#5) tied by s.c. Mandate pmk PETAH TIQVA 26 MY 48; vf. This comb. of Mandate re-introduced pmk + M. Ha'am stp & D. Ivri is Rare, certif Tsachor

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Start: $1,400 Sold For: $2,800
Lot #: 98

Doar Ivri stps used as Postage Dues: Haifa Shell Co. window printed-matter cv frank Mandate 3m (#91) this unaccepted as demonetized as of 16 May, boxed "To Pay 6 Mils" and taxed 2x3 mils Doar Ivri Rouletted vert. pair, stps cancelled w/the large Haifa Mandate "T" & Israeli trilingual pmks HAIFA 24.5.1948 (1 pmk also tying bottom of 3m Mandate); bottom D. Ivri stp corner fault o/w vf & Very Rare as seldom offered Commercial mail, signed & certif Tsachor - Aloni

[CV] [] [] [] [] [] []
Start: $1,400 Sold For: $2,350