Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #43

The enclosed list of Prices Realized of our Nov. 2015 Auction again reveals another fine set of results, demonstrating a continuing strong and steady demand for better philately.
This our 43rd Auction is well balanced with many important offerings.
We start with the 2 Collections:
1948 DOAR IVRI – 5th part – Intrn. Large Gold
ISRAEL 1948 – Early Foreign Postal Links
Many specialties merit special attention, few of which are: Foreign Stamps, Turkish Forerunners, Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, 
1st P. Dues, 1948 1st Festivals, Dreyfus Affair, JNF issues, Zionist Congresses, Anti-Semitism and Holocaust mail & Coins and Banknotes.
All the specialties are listed in the detailed Table of Contents.
Please FAX your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to include their FAX and telephone numbers and/or email addresses on their bid sheets. 
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Consignments can also be submitted by Mr. Gary Theodore, office phone
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 Fax: 732-229-4805
With all good and sincere wishes, 
YACOV TSACHOR  - Director & Philatelist
ZVI ALONI  - Philatelist

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Lot #: 61

11.3.1948 surface mail regist cv ex Wolfen (DDR) Russian Zone franked 1DM + 12pf tied by WOLFEN pmk, on back pmks: HAIFA 31.5.1948 transit & Mandate s.c. QIRYAT MOTZKIN 1 JU 48 arrival. Cv brought on board of the SS Kedma that left Genova 23 May & arrived in Haifa 26 May 1948, Rare example of surface mail; centerfold, roughly opened on top & resealed, fine

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Start: $400 Sold For: $850
Lot #: 62

Courier cv from Luzern - Switz. franked JNF Jezreel Valley label (Kap. 889), cv was taken by the proprietor of TLV "PATRA" travel agency who unexpectedly stopped in Geneve on his way to Rome to board on  the CSA flight of 25 May 1948 that arrived in Haifa 26 May, cv posted in TLV, w/a 10m D. Ivri stp pmk TEL-AVIV 28.5.1948, "PATRA" 3 lines Red cachet applied on front & back; vert centerfold away from the stps, light toning, fine

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Start: $500 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 63

COURIER cv from the JNF Office - Geneva franked w/JNF Blue Ussishkin label (K#528) tied to cv by Geneva Office biling. cachet + handstamped 23 MAI 1948 which is the date these cvs were given to the courier (who was the proprietor of the TLV Patra Travel Agency and unexpectedly stopped in Geneva on his way to Rome to board on the CSA flight of 25 May that arrived in Haifa on 26 May). Cv posted in TLV w/D. Ivri 10m Israeli pmk 28.5.1948, also applied was the "PATRA" handstamp on front & back; roughly opened at left, fine & Very Rare, signed & certif Tsachor - Aloni, see IFPL p. 120 fig. 6-3

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Start: $1,200 Sold For: $9,000
Lot #: 64

Very early Courier cv from Europe to TLV - Haifa transit pmk 31.5.1948 w/boxed metal hnstp "To Pay 10 Mils", taxed upon arrival 10m 1st Dues (#J3) tied by pmk TLV 2.6.1948 (very early). Although w/o a return address this is a Courier cv brought to Israel by the Air-France that landed in Haifa on the 29th of May. All the few items recorded from this flight have the same pmks & taxation (10m grace instead of regular 20m); slight roughly opened at left & some cv creases, fine & a  Rare Flight

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Start: $450 Sold For: $1,000
Lot #: 65

Courier cv Milano to TLV franked JNF Jezreel Valley label (K#887) not recognized as legal franking, taxed upon arrival on 21.6.1948 - 10m 1st P. Due (#J3) instead of 20m tax as addressed to a private addressee; light toning, fine, signed Muentz

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Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 66

Courier imprinted commerc firm cv from Italy franked JNF label (K#530) tied by the box cachet at the Milan - Zionist Office, dated 5 July 1948, posted by the courier upon arrival w/o addit. postage, the JNF label not accepted as legal franking & cv taxed in TLV 10m 1st P.D (2x #J2) on the 19.7.1948; cv shortened at left 5mm, f - vf & Rare

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Start: $500 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 67

Double addressed cv - Germany US Zone (Landsberg DP Camp) to Haifa sent unfranked to the Jewish Agency in Paris - 143 Av Wagram couriered by them to Israel & mailed unfranked, boxed scarce Haifa vertical cachet "T10" & taxed 10m 1st PD (Sc #J3) tied by HAIFA 14.6.1948 pmk; light toning, fine & scarce

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Start: $300 Sold For: $400
Lot #: 68

INCOMING: 15.5.48 commerc cv Teheran to Jaffa, frank on back 5R stp & Returned to Sender by the Persian Post w/manuscpt "No Service" in Red on face, handed over to Peltours in Teheran marked "for Peltours Tel-Aviv" Couriered by them to Tel-Aviv oval cachet on top face via Louis Tourist Agency - Nicosia oval cachet bottom left of face, Tel-Aviv arrival 15.9.1948, censored in Israel (tape & cachets); f - vf & a Rare procedure, photog. IFPL

p. 87, certif Tsachor - Aloni

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Start: $800 Sold For: $1,500
Lot #: 69

Peltours London Emergency Mail to Israel - cv ex London on back "RECEIVED 30 JUN 1948" & large Peltours London cachet, delivered by them via Pan African planes TLV Peltours office oval cachet on front, mailed by them in TLV a D. Ivri 10m stp applied, pmkd 22.7.48; vert centerfold, roughly opened at top, f - vf & scarce, photog. IFPL p. 85

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Start: $300 Sold For: $930
Lot #: 70

1948 Kenya - GILGIL Camp - cv sent by Israeli detainee to the "Al Hamishmar" newspaper in TLV via the South African Zionist Fed. their cachet "Per Postal Communications Box 18, Johannesburg" on front, brought to Israel by Peltours - oval cachet on front; tape at right as most of these cvs, vf

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Start: $300 Sold For: $725