Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #44

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 44th auction. The attached Prices Realized list of our 9 November 2016 sale demonstrates another set of excellent results. There is a continuing strong demand for better and specialized material.

We are proud to offer the following collections in the coming auction:  





Also included: Foreign Countries, Foreign P. Offices, Palestine stamps,

1948 Interim, Israel FDCs, 1948 1st Festivals, Judaica & The Dreyfus Affair & more.


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With all good and sincere wishes,


YACOV TSACHOR  - Director & Philatelist

ZVI ALONI  - Philatelist

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Lot #: 11

18.6.90 registered commerc cv Haifa to Metz franked front & back 2x1pia on 10kr Austrian Levant stps tied by vf strike CAIFA (St. 503) pmks, Imperf R label No 62 (St. A + $500), on back arrival METZ 21.6.90 pmk; small opening tear at top right & small part of back flap off, fine & Rare regist cv w/this pmk, ex Schaeffer, certif. Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $700 Sold For: $700
Lot #: 12

13.5.1900 registered commerc cv Haifa to Chicago franked 2x1pi on 25H Austrian Levant stps tied by CAIFA OESTER... (St. 504) pmk perf R label #256 (St. type B + $300) alongside,  on back CHICAGO office arrival cachet "MAY 31 1900"; shortened 1cm at left not affecting & light scattered spots, f - vf, ex Scaeffer

Start: $400 Sold For: $575
Lot #: 13

16..7.1900 registered AR commerc cv Haifa to Chicago franked 5x1pi on 25H Austrian Levant stps, top right stp "cancelled" by red manscpt "Avis de Reception", rate: 1pi basic + 1pi registration + 1pi AR fee + 2pi for  2x addit. weight - triple rate Regist AR cv stps tied by CAIFA OESTER... (St. 504), R label #86 (St. type B + $300), transit BRINDISI 21.7.00 & LONDON 2 diff. pmks 24 & 28 JY, CHICAGO office cachet as arrival; peripheral small faults (away from stps & pmks) as expected for such a heavy cv, fine & Rare, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $1,200 Sold For: $2,100
Lot #: 14

18.11.1908 registered  Deutsche Palestine Bank Haifa cv to the Jaffa branch franked 110pa Austrian Levant stps (2x10pa & 3x30pa - Mi 51/2), rate: 40pa basic letter + 40pa registration + 30pa addit. weight all tied by CAIFA OESTER... (St. 506) pmks, R label #430 (St. type C + $250), arrival JAFFA OESTER... (St. 525) 19.11.1908 pmk; bank's seal off leaving a hole only on back, f - vf

Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 15

4/1909 Passover - picture postcard mailed locally in Haifa as a greeting card franked 10pa Austrian Levant stp 1908 issue tied by CAIFA OESTER... (St. 507) pmk 2.IV.09 alongside CAIFA OESTER... (St. 508) pmk 3.IV.09; bottom left corner damage, f - vf & scarce greeting cards rate

Start: $140 Buy
Lot #: 16

Rarity: 2/1910 registered COD (Cash on Delivery) cv Haifa to Poste Restante  Jerusalem franked 110 para (1908 issue 3x10pa on back + 2x20pa + 1pi) rate: 40pa letter rate + 40pa registration + 30pa for addit. weight all tied by CAIFA OESTER... (St. 508) 21.2.10 pmks, R label #364 (St. type C + $250), Pink triangular label "Nachnahme - REMBOURSEMENT" & on top endorsed "Remboursement Francs: Trente 80 cts" & part of a sticker: "... non reclame" - redirected to Jaffa. On back JERUSALEM (25.2) & JAFFA (28.2) OESTER... pmks, Poste Restante fees apparently not collected; cv roughly opened at left edge & restored, fine & Extremely Rare - the only COD Austrian Post in the Holy Land offered by us, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $1,500 Sold For: $7,560
Lot #: 17

10.2.1911 registered Deutsche Palestine Bank Haifa 10pa imptd cv to the Jerusalem branch in Mixed Franking of Austrian Levant & Crete issues Paras & Centimes: 10 imptd + 30 + 60pa & 5 + 15c total 140pa, rate: 40pa basic letter + 40pa registration + 2x30pa for 2x addit. weight all tied by vf pmks CAIFA OESTER... (St. 507), top left "Chargee" cachet in Violet & "Caifa Oester... Post / Rec. No 50" cachet (St. type D + $700), arrival JERUSALEM OESTER... (St. 549) 14.2.11 pmk; opened for display, f - vf, certif. Tsahor - Aloni, ex Schaeffer

Start: $1,500 Buy
Lot #: 18

2/1913 registered Austrian Consulate cv Haifa to Reichenberg Mixed Franking 1908 issue (front & back): Crete 3x10c (=60pa) + Levant 4x20pa total 140pa, rate: 40pa letter + 40pa registration + 2 x 30pa for 2x addit. weight all tied by "CAIFA OESTER... POST" (St. 507) 8.2.13 pmks, R. label #178 (St. type E + $300); 2 vert folds, fine triple rate regist cv, ex Schaeffer

Start: $350 Buy
Lot #: 19

A SHOWPIECE: 6/1913 Parcel Card Caifa #182 to "Le Baron Edmond Rothschild... Paris" franked 123pi & 30pa (1908 issue Levant 30pa + 1pi + 11x2pi + 2x5pi & 4x20pi, Mi #55 + 57 + 11x58 + 2x59 + 4x61!) for a package of 36kg & 900gr, franking front & back of card all tied by pmks CAIFA OESTER... (St. 508) 20.VI.13, complete coupon at left, parcel has a declared value of 40 Francs, transit marks: TRIEST 30.VI.13, ULM & BRUCKSAL 2.7.13. Parcel sent by the Baron's representative Rosenheck & probably contained wine bottles from the Zichron Wineries; some pin point staple holes at left, a fine Rarity, the Highest Franking on a mailed item of the Forerunners Period in the Holy Land that we have offered, ex Schaeffer, certif Tsachor - Aloni

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Start: $4,000 Sold For: $7,560
Lot #: 20

28.10.1913 folded Bank Ottoman letter sent as Printed-Matter Haifa to the Bank branch in Soufli - Greece franked 

5 cent Austrian Crete 1908 issue tied by CAIFA OESTER... POST (St. 506) pmk, transit Konstantinople Turkish pmk on front; folded, fine

Start: $300 Sold For: $370