Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #44

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 44th auction. The attached Prices Realized list of our 9 November 2016 sale demonstrates another set of excellent results. There is a continuing strong demand for better and specialized material.

We are proud to offer the following collections in the coming auction:  





Also included: Foreign Countries, Foreign P. Offices, Palestine stamps,

1948 Interim, Israel FDCs, 1948 1st Festivals, Judaica & The Dreyfus Affair & more.


Please FAX your final bids to avoid delays. Bidders are requested to include their FAX and telephone numbers and/or email addresses on their bid sheets.

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Consignments can also be submitted by Mr. Gary Theodore, office phone

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With all good and sincere wishes,


YACOV TSACHOR  - Director & Philatelist

ZVI ALONI  - Philatelist

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Lot #: 61

HAIFA (TELEGR) 2 (#T4) vf strike dated 18-4-14 on full telegram form; folded, f - vf

Start: $220 Buy


Lot #: 62

HAIFA / HAMIDIYE HIDJAZ DEMIRYOLOU (PM1) vf strike in Violet 1.1.907 of the Very Rare Hejaz Railway Haifa (Coles & Walker t. 103) on face of ppc (Damas Mosque - dervicherie) frank 5pa Turk stp tied by the Very Rare Kadam i Sherif by Damascus - the 1st station on the Hejaz line. Rate is for Printed-Matter item "Imprime" in manscpt. This card is 1 of 12 philatelic prepared ppcs posted in Kadam i Sherif, numbered 9/12. An identical item numbered 2/12 is shown in Collins - Steichele p. 89 fig. 60. Currently these are the only items Recorded bearing this pmk; light perf foxing o/w vf, certif Tsachor

Start: $4,000 Sold For: $6,300
Lot #: 63

DAMAS – CAIFFA 1 (RP 11) 15 3 16 vf pmk on 20pa imptd stp paid answer part of a letter card sent to Berlin, Latest Known Date, message in German dated  "Jerusalem 13.3.16" & couriered to Haifa, Damas transit, Beirut & Austrian censor marks + UBERPRUFT (examined) all on face; f - vf & Very Rare, ex Schaeffer, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $4,000 Buy
Lot #: 64

DAMAS - CAIFFA 2 (RP 12) fine pmk 8.11.1921 tying 1pi + 2pi O.M.F. Syrian stps to cv Damas to Haifa, arrival pmk HAIFA 9 NO 21, in use after WWI; cv cleaned, f - vf & Rare, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $1,200 Buy
Lot #: 65

DAMAS - CAIFFA 2 (RP 12 - rated $2500) vf pmk 22.4.22 tying 5m Palestine London I stp to cutout, Latest Recorded Date, only a few loose stps - no cvs  are Recorded during Mandate period w/stps; vf

Start: $500 Buy


Lot #: 66

FPO SZ 57 - 2 OC 18 Registered cv Haifa Bank to Geneva frank 2x1pi EEF (SG #3), censored, mute regist label cancelled by the FPO pmk. The cv was detained for a month at FPO GM1 - 3 NO 18 (the Palestine GHQ) sent to P. Said

3 NO 18 & Geneva (Onex) arrival 7.XII.18. Redirected in Geneva; vert centerfold & shortened ½ cm at top, fine & scarce

Start: $250 Sold For: $525
Lot #: 67

FPO SZ 16 - 16 FE 19 vf pmk on OHMS imptd cv to Cambridge - UK, SZ 16 was located in Haifa for a very short period in 1919 & very few cvs recorded; f - vf, ex Schaeffer

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 68

DAL TPO 7 JA 19 (EFT 2) vf pmk on Australian YMCA cv to Alex. censored, Jerusalem - Ludd line, civilian arr pmk 9.1.1919; very light top soiling, f - vf & seldom offered

Start: $600 Sold For: $850
Lot #: 69

LAD TPO 28 MY 20 (Fireb. EFT 2) vf pmk on face of ppc (Alexandria) mailed Alex. to Jaffa by a civilian frank 4m Egypt. stp on 27 V 20; f - vf

Start: $280 Sold For: $370
Lot #: 70

KANTARA - HAIFA / TPO SOUTH 21 MR 24 (D13) vf pmk on face of PR4 (Provis. Envelope) frank 2x13m (SG #79) tied by vf pmk SAFAD 19 MR 24 (D9) mailed to Edinburgh arrival 31 MR 24, this TPO replaced the military line LAD / DAL w/Haifa as most Northerly Railhead; vf

Start: $280 Buy