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The major subjects included are: Holy Land Forerunners, Palestine, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Israel, Judaica & Zionism, Holocaust period, Medals, Coins & Bank notes


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HOLOCAUST (incl. Antisemitism & Ghettos)

Lot #: 367

1941 colored poster: "LES BOBARDS...SORTENT TOUJOURS DU MEME NID" (the birds are always flying out from the same nest) Nazi propaganda against the Free France, Jews & Masonic groups: Vive Degaulle, Nos Bons Amis Anglais, Les Allemands Prennent Tout, etc., original size 80x120 cm by Andre Deran; folded, fine & scarce

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 368

GHETTOS: Judenpost 2nd issue 20pf light Brown cpl Imperforate Sheet of 20 w/o gum as issued; vf, Mi V € 2000++ as 20 singles, each stp sign M. Bojanowicz, Rare 

Start: $500 Sold For: $605
Lot #: 369

KRAKAU - 10/1941 AJDC imptd stationery cv mailed registered to Genova Kreh Bros. (Jewish religious's articles suppliers) frank 1zl + 10pf, full straight line Aufgeliefert durch den Judenrat on back + Nazi OKW censors, return address is via the Judenrat; vf 

Start: $180 Sold For: $440
Lot #: 370

6 Ration Cards - 2 are Litzmannstadt: a) Brod Karte 56 out 60 coupons left w/handstamp: GESTORBEN Litzmannstadt Getto (Died...); b) Nahrungsmittel Karte unused; 2 of Berlin ovptd J: c) 22.6-26.7.1942 for Butter, Kafe, etc, some coupons w/handstamp "Erledigt" (Exhausted) partly used; d) 24.8-20.9.1942 for children - Butter, etc, unused; e & f) 2 cards ex Budapest 1942 for bread ovptd Z (Jew) unused on draft paper; also 2 medical recipes 1940 Litzmannstadt w/circular cachet "Der Aelteste der Juden/Gesundhelfsabteilung, 1 signed by Dr. Hertz Smolanski; fine (x8)

Start: $250 Sold For: $370
Lot #: 371

2-5/1942 Jews - prepare yourselves for the Transports - Theresienstadt Ghetto 4 small posters, folio page size, in German/Czech w/orders for those listed for the Transports: "An alle Transportteilnehmer", "Merkblatt fur die Zusammenstellung der Ausrustung", etc., i.e.: Hand Luggage - recommended to contain food for 5 days, a pot, pocket knife, blanket, torch, toothbrush & paste, etc. Baggage - up to 50kgs per elder, to contain warm clothes, gloves, coats, shoes, candles, etc. Many other orders; 1 page margin faults - fine, 3 pages f-vf 

Start: $250 Sold For: $1,000
Lot #: 372

1942/43 Jewish Refugees in Italy 19 cvs/pcs, Richard Mayer (R.M.) corresp. 16 items: 12/42 pc ex Budapest to R.M. in Venezia but redirected to Piave; 1/43 cv ex Spalato to R.M. in Piave but redirected as already in Ferramonti Camp, cv damage; 2/43 - 7/43 - 10 cvs ex refugees Adler Vera & Tibor in Spalato to R.M. in Ferramonti; 4/43 regist. express cv ex Zagreb to R.M. in Ferramonti; 5/43 civil prisoner letter sheet ex R.M. in Ferramonti to Stern - Istanbul franked for air-mail; 1/43 - 2 cvs R.M. in Ferramonti to C. Weiskopf - Jerusalem, cachet VIA SOFIA - ISTANBUL, stps off by censor; also 7/43 pc Adler in Albergo to Bauer - Istanbul; 6/42 R. Cross enquirer ex Weiskopf - Jerusalem to Berger - Budapest, answered 11/42; f-vf (x19) 

[PC] [] [DOC] [CV]
Start: $300 Sold For: $500
Lot #: 373

mailed Camp items: a) 6/1941 Buchenwald pc Simon t.2, to Ludenhohe O/S frank 6pf, censored; b) 5/1942 Auschwitz pc by Schutzhaftling, type 1, to Krakau; c) 8/1942 Oranienburg letter-card - Unlisted like lettersheet t.2 but in Red, frank 12pf Hitler to Scharfenort, censor F; d) 10/1943  Dachau  lettersheet - Unlisted like t.2 but sender's address on back, frank 12pf Hitler to Litzmannstadt Ghetto, censor t.9; e) Theresienstadt 12/1943 Thank You pc to Wien frank 30kc Hitler; fine (x5)

[PC] [] [] [CV]
Start: $180 Sold For: $232
Lot #: 374

1/1941 Request for a Radio license German/Polish, mint form, front - details of the holder, back - conditions incl declaration: I am not a Jew, Jews do not live in my apartment/house, I was not a refugee in the former Polish Republic & more; vf

Start: $200 Buy
Lot #: 375

9/1941 certificate by the Wien NSDAP office confirming that Lehner Emilie is of "deutschblutig (arisch)" (has German blood - Arian) this underlined. Jude, Mischlings of 1st & 2nd grade are crossed out. Back shows investigations of family roots as of 1813; vf

Start: $180 Sold For: $240


Lot #: 376

1943/4 Flossenburg Camp - Pramienschein Neunwert RM.1 - Yellowish card 75x52mm; minor splits, Rare, PMG graded 30, Very Fine

Start: $350 Sold For: $350