Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #46

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Welcome to our 47th  auction. The results of our January 2019 Sale were excellent and prove the steady demand for better Holy Land items. View the

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The Auction has most specialties well represented. Especially noteworthy are the sections of Holy Land Forerunners, Jewish Colonies, Mandate Stamps & used abroad, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, 1948 1st Festivals, 1950 1st Air Mail, Zionist Congresses &  Holocaust mail.

We are proud to offer, for the 1st time, the collection: Israel 1948 – 1952 Plate Blocks on FDCs.


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Lot #: 51

1/1916 registered Littoral cv from Haifa to Istanbul franked 3x20pa total 1 pi + 20pa: 20 pa Littoral rate + 1pi Registration, stps tied by HAIFFA 8.1.916 (PM 7) pmks, UPU R cachet (RC1) #1198 alongside, arrival BEICOS 18.1.1916 front & back; light toning, f - vf & scarce, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 52

8/1917 registered cv from Haifa to Wien franked on back 100pa (8x5pa + 20pa + 1pi):  50pa basic rate + 50pa registration all tied by CAIFFA 1 - 18.8.17 (PM 10) pmks, on front UPU R cachet #373 (RC 1) + Beyrout, Istanbul & Austrian censor cachets; cv trimmed at top 1mm, f - vf, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $250 Buy
Lot #: 53

6/1915 registered pc  from Haifa to Stuttgart - Germany franked 3x20pa Turkish stps total 60pa: 20pa pc rate + 40pa registration, stps tied by CAIFFA 2 - 12.6.15 (PM 11) pmks, UPU R cachet #121 alongside & large single line Red cachet RECOMMANDEE, Beyrout, Austrian & German censor cachets all on face, message in German by Templar; light perf foxing o/w vf & scarce, certif Tsachor - Aloni

Start: $250 Sold For: $250
Lot #: 54

JAFFA 5 Octagonal (PM 20, A&P 21) 8 pmks in Black 10 3 13 tying 40pa (20x2pa) Turkish stps to cv mailed to Boston USA, part of the Peabody correspondence; light peripheral creases, f-vf 

Start: $120 Sold For: $120
Lot #: 55

1909 cv Jaffa to Beyrouth franked 20pa Port to Port Littoral rate, stps are 2x5pa & 10pa Jaffa Local Ovpt 1909 Accession of Sultan Mehmed Rasads (Mi Lokal I/II ovpt on Mi 134/5) all tied by 2 full pmks JAFFA 7 (PM 16) 27-4-909 (Earliest recorded date) in Violet, arrival pmks (front & back) BEYROUTH 2 - 4-5-909. The above listed stps are known used only w/Jaffa pmk; hinge traces on back corners o/w vf & Rare, certif. Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $500 Buy
Lot #: 56

TAXED: 11/1911 commerc cv ex Mersina Austrian Post to Jaffa properly frank 1pi Austrian Levant stp (Mi 57) tied by pmk MERSINA OESTER... POST. Upon arrival the cv was transferred to the Turkish Post instead of the Aust. Post, the Austrian franking was not tolerated and the cv was taxed 1pi Turk P. Dues (Mi 29) to pay double the Littoral rate of 20pa - tied by JAFFA pmk; small top opening faults o/w f - vf & Rare, certif Sorani, signed Tsachor-Aloni 

Start: $800 Buy
Lot #: 57

Registered cv USA Consulate stationery JERUSALEM (PM7, A&P 7) 9 MAY 94 fine pmk tying 3pi Turkish stps (1pi basic letter rate + 1pi addit. weight + 1pi registration), registration cachet RC1 #827 alongside, mailed to Colorado, New York transit 19 May; fine early cv

Start: $300 Buy
Lot #: 58

JERUSALEM 2 (PM 16, A&P 16) 6 pmks in Black 2 3 13 tying 40pa (10x2pa + 4x5pa) Turkish stps to CASA NOVA JERUSALEM illust. cv mailed to Boston USA, part of the Peabody correspondence; light peripheral creases, f-vf 

Start: $120 Buy
Lot #: 59

JERUSALEM 1 Octagonal (PM21) 6 vf pmks in Violet 12 2 14 tying 40pa Turkish stps (5x2pa + 6x5pa) to CASA NOVA JERUSALEM illust. cv, also JERUSALEM 6 Octagonal (PM 19, A&P 26) at top left, cv mailed to Boston USA, part of the Peabody correspondence; small tear at top left o/w vf & Rare as Steichele notes: "7 cards/cvs known", some w/favor cancels, this 1 is a true commercial cv, St. rated R, certif Tsachor- Aloni

Start: $1,000 Sold For: $1,900
Lot #: 60

JERUSALEM 4 - Octagonal (PM 24, A&P 24) 6 pmks in Black 13 3 13 tying 40pa (10x2pa + 4x5pa) Turkish stps to CASA NOVA JERUSALEM illust. cv mailed to Boston USA, part of Peabody correspondence; vf & Very Rare, missing from most collections, A&P rated  RRR, certif Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $600 Sold For: $1,100