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Judaica – Revisionist Movement.
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The South African Zionist Federation & Peltours Service

May - October 1948, The South African Zionist Federation & Peltours Service.

This original correspondence reveals this dramatic chapter of 1948 Postal History. The recipient's remarks on the covers, made at the time, confirm the assumptions made in later studies 

Lot #: 194

Peltours Service - GILGIL Camp - cv mailed by an Israeli Revisionist, detained by the British to his family in Haifa via the South African Zionist Fed. their cachet "Per Postal Communications Box 18 Johannesburg" on front, brought to Israel by Peltours - oval cachet & handed to "LA'ASSIREINU Emergency Post" in TLV (Emergency Organiz. by the Revisionists), their circular cachet dated 17 JUN 1948 all on front mailed by them,  a 10m Doar Ivri stp affixed tied by TEL AVIV trilingual pmk 18.6.1948; usual sealing tape remains at left applied in S. Africa, (similar cv illust. by Shamir-Siegel on p. 81), vf & a Rare comb. of a cv of the 2nd shipment from S. Africa delivered via 3! organizations   

Start: $900 Sold For: $9,240
Lot #: 195

Peltours Service - cv forwarded via the South African Zion. Fed. of JHB, their  2 lines cachet vf strike bottom left of  cv: "PER POSTAL .... BOX 18, JOHANNESBURG", figure "1" denotes that payment of 1 Shilling was made,  addr. to TLV, from the 3rd mail bag brought to Israel by Peltours - oval cachet on face & mailed by them with a 10m D. Ivri stp tied by pmk TEL-AVIV 8.7.1948; scattered spots & back flap off, fine   

Start: $180 Sold For: $9,240
Lot #: 196

Peltours Service - big size cv (29x19cm) addressed to the S.A. Zionist Federation P.O.Box 18 Johannesburg which contained a big number of cvs to be carried by Peltours to South Africa, submitted to the Israel Military Censor for inspection prior to posting, censor labels at left & censor violet circular cachet on face; small part of cv at top left trimmed away, fine & unusual  

Start: $200 Sold For: $9,240
Lot #: 197

Peltours Service - cv originated in Tel Aviv addressed to Johannesburg, Censored by the Military in Israel (label at top), couriered by Peltours, not franked, delivered to the addressee via the Zionist Federation  office, endorsed by the recipient: "First Censored Letter, Posted  from Tel Aviv on 25.8.48 Recd here 10.9.48"; roughly opened at bottom, f-vf  

Start: $600 Sold For: $9,240
Lot #: 198

Resumption of postal services - airmail cv sent from Tel Aviv to Johannesburg (Kark family) franked 85m Doar Ivri stps (5+2x15+50m) to pay the airmail rate to South Africa, cancelled TEL AVIV 23 9 1948 pmk, after the resumption of  the postal services to South Africa on 13.9.48,  endorsed by the recipient: "First stamped letter received in S.A. / recd. 5.10.48"; vf 

Start: $250 Sold For: $9,240
Lot #: 199

Resumption of postal services - cv prepared to be sent by the S.A. Zionist Federation (cachet at left) via Peltours service, mailed on the First regular official air mail from South Africa to Israel, franked 1Sh stp cancelled 15 IX 48, delivered in Tel Aviv 28.9.48 as per addressee's note, (similar cv illust. by Shamir-Siegel on p. 82); bottom right corner fault, fine & scarce

Start: $300 Sold For: $9,240
Lot #: 200

Resumption of postal services - 27.9.48 an attempt to send a Registered airmail cv from Johannesburg to Tel Aviv failed & handwritten notations "No Service" & RLO were applied on front. Cv franked 2Sh & 6d South African stps & a registration label of  "FOX STR. / Johannesburg 1" alongside. Ordinary surface & airmail could be sent from South Africa as of 13.9.1948, registered mail service was reintroduced only on 24th March 1949; small back flap tear o/w vf & unusual

Start: $300 Sold For: $9,240
Lot #: 201

Courier via England to Tel Aviv - airmail cv originated in Johannesburg (return address on back) addressed to Tel Aviv, carried to England  where franked 1Sh  KGVI  stp cancelled SOUTHAMPTON PAQUEBOT 7 OCT 1948,  posted regular airmail to Tel Aviv, endorsed by  recipient: 14 X 48 top left; roughly opened at left, f-vf & scarce

Start: $400 Sold For: $9,240
Lot #: 202

The above 15 lots depicting  the Postal Links  between South Africa & the newborn  State of Israel, May - October 1948; f-vf (x17) a great opportunity   

Start: $5,880 Sold For: $9,240

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