Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #49

Dear friends and collectors,

Welcome to our 49th  auction, the 2nd that we are holding during the Covid-19 Era. We hope that the current sale will also arouse the great interest and attention as the previous auction.  

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This auction offers a large Doar Ivri Collection with many Rarities and an important Judaica Labels Collection seldom offered.
Most other specialties are represented including Turkish Forerunners,  Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim,  1st P. Dues, 1948 1st Festivals,  Judaica – Revisionist Movement & labels. 


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With all good and sincere wishes, 


16  FEBRUARY 2021
20:00 PM (Israel Time)


All the lots are shown in Color


Lot #: 352

1949 - 2nd New Year IDF Insignia (Sc 28, Ba 18) Original Artist's  Drawing 11.5x15.5cm resembling the adopted design but 30 instead of 5 denom., marked front cover & back by "Shamir Graphics - 108 Allenby Street - Tel Aviv" in Red cachet; vf & Rare

Start: $500 Sold For: $725
Lot #: 353

1950 1st Air Mails: Imperforate Composite Essay in blocks of 4 Green - Blue on White gummed paper w/wide Green- Blue  margins all around: 30pr Unadopted design, 40 & 250pr the Adopted designs; few light scattered spots on gum side as expected for such a large multiple (20½ x 24cm), vf & Very Rare, signed & certif Tsachor-Aloni, sold in our April 1992 auction, lot 1313, for a total of $7800

Start: $2,000 Sold For: $2,300
Lot #: 354

100pr (Sc #C5) Imperforate Proof in the issued Carmine color, single w/huge bottom margin, this partly also in Carmine on gummed paper; u/m, light scattered spots, vf & Very Rare, certif Tsachor-Aloni, signed in pencil on back

Start: $500 Sold For: $675
Lot #: 355

250pr (#C6) Imperforate Color Trial in the Dark Green color, Block of 4 w/large bottom & right margins also in Green on ungummed thick paper, signed on back in pencil by the designer O. Wallish;  vf & Very Rare, certif Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $500 Sold For: $625
Lot #: 356

1951 Festival stp 5pr adopted design (Sc #52, Ba #56) - original hand-drawn artist's ESSAY 145x230mms in pencil on parchment paper, signed W.W. Wind & endorsed at bottom "Enlargement Pencil drawing for preparing the Master drawing of the Printing Plate"; vf, unique Exhibition item

Start: $200 Sold For: $800
Lot #: 357

1951 Officials 40pr Brown - Top Marginal horiz. Pair cpl Imperforate; u/m, vf, Ba OF-4a - $500   

Start: $200 Sold For: $330
Lot #: 358

1952 TABA Airs 100 & 120pr (Sc #C7/8) - 3 items: a) Imperforate singles (Ba 66/7I $650); b) Plate Block of 9 #00001; c) Set 2 full Tabs; u/m, vf (x5), Ba $665 + pl. bl

Start: $150 Sold For: $330
Lot #: 359

1952 TABA Airs 100 & 120pr (Sc #C7/8) Imperforate Top Right Corner Singles (Ba 66/7I) showing the postal emblem "the Running Stag"; u/m, minor gum fault o/w vf (x2), Ba $650+++

Start: $200 Sold For: $230
Lot #: 360

1953 Maimonides 110pr (Sc 74, Ba 87) Color Trial in Blue Imperforate Plate Block of 4, final adopted design and denomination, w/huge margins at top & right,  printed on the issued  Israel (Hebrew) watermarked gummed paper, full original gum, unmounted mint, with usual archive security punch holes; Very Fine & Extremely Rare

Start: $4,000 Sold For: $4,200
Lot #: 361

1950's Israel Festival stp 10pr Green, small (28x14mm) Photo Essay from artist's drawing, unadopted design, all inscriptions in Hebrew only, w/mockup line perforation on small card. From the estate of the designer Otte Wallish; vf,  certif. Muentz  

Start: $180 Sold For: $525

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