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Welcome to our 49th  auction, the 2nd that we are holding during the Covid-19 Era. We hope that the current sale will also arouse the great interest and attention as the previous auction.  

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This auction offers a large Doar Ivri Collection with many Rarities and an important Judaica Labels Collection seldom offered.
Most other specialties are represented including Turkish Forerunners,  Palestine Stamps, 1948 Interim,  1st P. Dues, 1948 1st Festivals,  Judaica – Revisionist Movement & labels. 


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16  FEBRUARY 2021
20:00 PM (Israel Time)


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Lot #: 41

ROSH PINNA - ppc (Colony Rosh Pinna) sent from the colony to Jaffa, franked 20 para Turkish stamps (on picture side), to pay the postcard rate, tied by Rosh Pinna 10.7.1912 Turkish faint Violet pmk (PM1), a family correspondence written in Hebrew; diagonal bend at left, fine & scarce     

Start: $400 Sold For: $1,600
Lot #: 42

ZICRON JACOB - 5.12.1898 The earliest recorded use of the UPU R cachet, cv sent by "Les DEPOTS GENERAUX a ZICRON JACOB" posted in Haifa  to Wien, franked 3pi Turkish stps: 1pi basic rate + 1pi addit weight + 1pi Registration fee all tied by HAIFFA 5.12.1898 pmk (PM 6), cachet #650 (RC 1) - this on front, Alexandria 7.12.98 transit pmk on back; restored tear at bottom left, f - vf  &  a Rare double weight registered cv 

Start: $1,200 Sold For: $4,200


Lot #: 43

3 Feb 1857 cpl letter message dated Jaffa 2 Feb. 57 to Marseille, JAFFA- SYRIE (St. 302) Pearl Ring strike & '10'  Decimes charge - all on face, back w/ALEXANDRIE (St. 300. 1) 5 FEVR 57 & MARSEILLE 15 FEVR 57 arrival pmk, carried on the Meandre; usual horiz. fold o/w vf

Start: $250 Sold For: $270
Lot #: 44

19 FEVR 04  Registered ppc sent from Jerusalem to Erstfeld Switzerland, Franked 1pi on 25c  + 1,2,3 & 4c all French Levant stps, all together 1 pi & 20pa, 1pi  registration + 20 pa postcard rate, tied by “JERUSALEM PALESTINE” 19 FEVR 04 datestamp (St #329), registration cachet framed "R" (St #332) & #87 in manuscript at left, transit MESSINA 28.2.04 !! & arrival ERSTFELD Switzerland 1 III 04 !!!!(only 2 days journey); corner bends, fine &  Rare Registered postcard of the French Post in the Holy Land

Start: $400 Sold For: $495
Lot #: 45

28.3.1908 Registered printed matter front wrapper (of books package 25x14cm) sent from Jerusalem to Alexandria, to Prof. Kaufmann in the German School. Franked 8pi on 2fr  5 + 20c  (Mi #7, 12 & 15) French Levant stamps, all together 9 pi, 1pi  registration + 8pi for 32x10pa for each 50 gr. printed matter rate, total 1600gr, tied by “JERUSALEM PALESTINE” 28 MARS 08 datestamp (St #329), registration cachet framed "R" (St #332)  & No. 24 at left,  Imprimé & Einschreiben private Violet cachets at bottom; filing hole at left o/w vf &  Rare Registered Printed Matter 

Start: $400 Sold For: $495


Lot #: 46

Taxed Mail: ppc (Jerus Graber im Josaphathal) mailed to Dortmund - Germany, Unfranked and pmkd JERUSALEM DEUTSCHE POST 4 4 14 (St. 234), marked 20 gold centimes in crayon and the T cachet of Jerusalem applied all on face; vf & scarce, photographed in Steichele p. 86 fig. 92

Start: $180 Buy
Lot #: 47

TEMPEL KOLONIE HAMIDIJE WILHELMA DEUTSCHE POST JAFFA (St. 242) superb cachet in Violet on Registered cv to Berlin frank 2x1¼pi on 25pf (Mi #39), tied by pmks JAFFA DEUTSCHE POST 20 10 08, arrival pmk 28.10.08; small back flap tear, vf & scarce, certif Muentz

Start: $300 Sold For: $330
Lot #: 48

WWI - GERMAN MILITARY MAIL: KGL PREUSSISCHE FLIEGER ABTEILUNG 301 / Brief Stempel cpl circular strike on front of ppc (Arab Shoemaker), Deutsche Feldpost 20.12.17 mute vf pmk alongside, return address is of FPO 663, unit stationed in Nazareth, mailed to Germany; f - vf

Start: $180 Sold For: $320


Lot #: 49

KAIFA (St. 612) vf pmk 12 III 1912 on special "Levant... Postes de Russie" receipt for a Valeur Declaree cv 22 Frs, postage of 2pi & 20pa paid;vf

Start: $180 Sold For: $180
Lot #: 50

2 better Printed Matter cvs to the USA ex ROPIT JAFFA (St. 628) scarce frankings: a) 11/1899 to N. York frank single 2kop (Mi #16), back flap off & cv folded; b) 4/1900 to Texas frank pair 1kop (#15), flap unsealed as per regulations; a - fine, b - vf (x2)

Start: $150 Sold For: $150