Lot #10 - AIR MAIL (Palestine related incl. Zeppelin)

1929 Imperial Airways First Air Mail Flight from London (Croydon) to Karachi, Gaza - Karachi Leg, cover prepared for the first mail flight of the Gaza - Karachi leg franked 20m (SG #99) canceled JERUSALEM 2 AP 1929, marked T 26 mils, back stamped at Gaza 4 AP 29 & arrival Calcutta 9 APR 1929. The long-awaited Imperial Airways London to Karachi service started on March 30, 1929. The journey took seven days. The route from London was by air to Basle, and then by rail to Genoa, followed by flights from Genoa to Alexandria, Gaza, Baghdad, Basra, Jask and Karachi; vf

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