Tel Aviv Stamps - Auction #51

Dear friends and collectors,

The list of Prices Realized of our Nov. 2021 auction again reveals another excellent set of results, demonstrating a continuing strong and steady demand for better philately.
This auction – our 51st – contains many important offerings some of them are:
Jewish Colonies mail, Foreign and Turkish Posts , Palestine stamps, 1948 Interim, Doar Ivri, Jewish Autographs and culminating with a section of Very Rare Palestine and Israel Banknotes.

Over the past 33 years we have offered many of the leading collections of Holy  Land and Israel.
We are planning our next auction, #52, to be our last one. 

With all good and sincere wishes, 


20:00 PM (Israel Time)


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Lot #: 71

6/1909 REGISTERED CV Jerusalem to Hannover Germany franked 2x40pa on 25c Italian Levant stps (Mi #4), correct rate, tied by vf pmk  GERUSALEMME/UFF. POSTALE ITALIANO (St 401) 30 6 09 additional vf strike on front, registered label type A #531, transit pmk TRIEST 9 LUG 09 ; horiz. center fold o/w vf, certif Tsachor – Aloni    

Start: $700 Buy
Lot #: 72

1/1913 Registered cv GERUSALEMME /UFF. POSTALE ITALIANO – (St.401)  vf pmk 6.1.13 tying pair Gerusalemme 1pi on 25cmi - proper rate, to Paris, Regist label #37, (St. B sett. B) addit pmk on front, on back transit pmk 15.1.19; vf & scarce, certif Tsachor – Aloni    

Start: $600 Sold For: $625
Lot #: 73

3/6/1908 Registered cv GERUSALEMME /UFF. POSTALE ITALIANO – (St.402)  vf pmks 3 6 08 tying 5 Italian stps (25, 40, 45, 50c & 1 Li - rated R on cv)  cv made on the 3rd day of the opening of the Italian Post in Jerusalem, to New York, Regist label #23 St. type A w/o office name handstamp - Unlisted!,  addit pmks on front, on back arrival New York JUNE 22 1908; vf & Rare, sign. Nakri, certif Tsachor – Aloni   

Start: $1,500 Sold For: $2,700
Lot #: 74

Picture pc of the Austrian Lloyd posted on bord of S/S Tirol, Austrian 10 H stp 1908 issue tied to pict. side by Carmine - Red TIROL/OE. LLOYD 6.5.11 ship cancel (Tchil LD 67), on face: oval Carmine - Red ship's cachet "Lloyd … TIROL" and arr pmk of the Italian P.O. GERUSALEMME/ (UFF, POSTALE ITALIANO) 16 5 11 (St. 402); ppc w/creases still fine & the only example of Austrian Ship Mail to Jerusalem delivered via the Italian P.O., certif. Muentz

Start: $500 Sold For: $645


Lot #: 75

ACRE (Collins PM8) 2 fine strikes 5/1897 tying 4 pi franking (4 x 1 pi) to Double Weight (23 grams written on front) Registered AR cv w/rare seal of registration (RC2) on top left, franking is: 1 pi basic + 1 pi registry + 1 pi Advice of Delivery + 1 pi addit weight, Registry number #47. Galata transit + Istanbul arrival pmks on back; 3 wax seals off on back, light marginal faults not affecting this fine Top Rarity, sign Nakri, certif. Tsachor-Aloni, photo Collins p. 36

Start: $5,000 Buy
Lot #: 76

ACRE 1 (PM 12) 14. 4. 916 - 2 superb pmks all Arabic tying 10 + 20 pa Turk stps cv to Jerusalem, 20 pa littoral rate + 10 pa War Tax, arr pmk on back JERUSALEM (PM 18). Also on front oval censor seal of Acre type CM1; back flap w/closed tear, f-vf & Very Rare, according to Collins 5 items recorded, certif. Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $900 Sold For: $900
Lot #: 77

AFULA 1 - all Arabic pmk (PM1) - Cover sent from Afula to Istanbul by the Head of the Palestine Veterinary Hospital (part of known corresp. from Jerusalem, Rosh Pinna & Samach). Franked 1 piaster and 10 para Turkish stps, to pay the basic letter rate. Cancelled by 2 ‘AFULA 1’ all Arabic 29.11.1917 light pmks, marked in Arabic at upper left ‘in French’ & censor rectangular cachet of Istanbul, on back Red censor seal & arrival Istanbul 16.12.1917; few toned spots, tear at back flap but complete, fine & Extremely Rare, certif. Tsachor-Aloni 

Start: $1,000 Sold For: $1,200
Lot #: 78

POSTA V TELEGRAFHANE I BENI SAAB 328  (Coll T1, A&P 2, rated RR) 1912 negative seal in Black on Telegram form addressed to Nablus; cross folded o/w vf & scarce, certif Muentz & Ziya Agaogullari

Start: $300 Sold For: $300
Lot #: 79

DJENINE (PM6) vf pmks in Black 10.9.18 tying 5x10pa Turkish stps – to pay the 50 pa letter rate, mailed to Istanbul; f-vf

Start: $200 Sold For: $320
Lot #: 80

GAZA POSTA SHUBESI 1287 (PM2) vf & very clear strike of this Very Rare Seal in Blue on 20pa Turkish pc entire 1885 issue mailed to Beyrouth, message in English dated Gaza 22 March 90, on back Beirut arrival pmk; vf  Showpiece, according to Collins 6 entire items recorded, rated RR, certif Tsachor-Aloni

Start: $1,000 Sold For: $2,100